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What of the Night?

23rd May 2022, hej.

The darkness is far advanced – these are some news articles we are taking notice of as we watch for the signs of our Lord's return.

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O, how I love thy law!

11th May 2022, hej.

The Psalmist effusively praises the law. A modern libertarian would not agree. Many Christians feel that law is replaced by utter grace in Christ, and might rather tend to have a stance not far from libertarian. But why did the Psalmist love the law so much?

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Push of the Time of the End

4th May 2022, hej.

A sharp eyed Bible commentator noticed that the UK and US both 'push' at Russia in Ukraine, and suggest that this fulfils Daniel 11. However this may be too narrow a reading of the fulfilment of the prophecy in events in history.

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Honour of Kings to search out a Matter

25th Apr 2022, hej.

It is to our honour to dig deep and find out the truth of every matter that matters. The Bible asks us to find its truth, but this helps us in every area of our life – as truth is the only matter that matters. ... More

Passover: What is freedom?

14th Apr 2022, hej.

The Passover is often called the feast of freedom. But is this correct? No-one is totally free, but some have less responsibility than others. Those who think they are free often have huge responsibility and are bound by things they think they should do as duties to others dependant on them, or to obtain the things they wish for in life. Those who are least free have the least responsibility. But the highest honour is to be the servant of God. There are lessons for the true servants of Christ.

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Joy in Heaven

10th Apr 2022, hej.

There is joy in heaven at one sinner that repents. If only all sinners would repent to great joy in heaven! ... More

Biden's Curse

27th Mar 2022, hej.

It has been my thought that leadership in this age is not a blessing, but a curse. Better to be in opposition than government in the age of distress of nations as the powers of heaven (the rulers) are shaken as we approach Christ's return. Obtaining the White House in the US 2020 election turns out to become a curse.

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Because they would not go: Resurrection & Severity of God

23rd Mar 2022, hej.

Israel called Jews to leave Ukraine for fear of Russia invading, but very few went. Now they are part of a stream of refugees out of Ukraine to strengthen a revived Israel. The Bible allows some conclusions that are likely extremely controversial. I am going to develop a view point that may be misconstrued regarding the great movement of people in the fall of nations and the Hope of Israel, Jews and the Christian gospel.

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Law & Grace: Why mandates don't work

7th Mar 2022, hej.

Our Maker knows the human soul, better than anyone, and gave the world a just law and then showed how truth and justice must be balanced with mercy and grace. In doing so God showed why the recent spate of leaders making Mandates globally didn't work. ... More

The next Jubilee? Messiah

16th Jan 2022, hej.

There is much speculation as to when the next Jewish Jubilee year is. Jews do not keep it, so it may be debated at will. It is of interest as Jewish sages expect Messiah will come in a Jubilee. ... More