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1948, Yom Kippur War, Camp David & Daniel

23rd September 2023, hej


As we approach the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War in the 75th year of Israel as a nation, 56 Years to the Reunification of Jerusalem and the return to the mountains of Israel, we can look forward and back.

As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely with a mighty hand, and with a stretched out arm, and with fury poured out, will I rule over you: And I will bring you out from the people, and will gather you out of the countries wherein ye are scattered, with a mighty hand, and with a stretched out arm, and with fury poured out.
And I will bring you into the wilderness of the people, and there will I plead with you face to face. Like as I pleaded with your fathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I plead with you, saith the Lord GOD. And I will cause you to pass under the rod, and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant: And I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against me: I will bring them forth out of the country where they sojourn, and they shall not enter into the land of Israel: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.
.. For in mine holy mountain, in the mountain of the height of Israel, saith the Lord GOD, there shall all the house of Israel, all of them in the land, serve me: there will I accept them, and there will I require your offerings, and the firstfruits of your oblations, with all your holy things. I will accept you with your sweet savour, when I bring you out from the people, and gather you out of the countries wherein ye have been scattered; and I will be sanctified in you before the heathen.
And ye shall know that I am the LORD, when I shall bring you into the land of Israel, into the country for the which I lifted up mine hand to give it to your fathers. And there shall ye remember your ways, and all your doings, wherein ye have been defiled; and ye shall lothe yourselves in your own sight for all your evils that ye have committed. (Ezekiel 20:33-43)

As we read Ezekiel – we can see the truth of its ongoing fulfilment in our day. Israel was not promised a blood free regathering – it would be done with a mighty hand and with God's fury poured out on his enemies and Jewish rebels. He said they would remember their way- as they do at Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur redemption

The traditional blessing of Yom Kippur is a prayer for health, prosperity, and for redemption. We can see how 50 years ago Israel was redeemed in a war against all its neighbours by sacrifice of lives (which is blood). Looking back there has been no similar serious existential war since. But as yet there is not a final redemption of Messiah.

Yom Kippur war was also called the 4th Arab–Israeli War, fought from October 6 to 25, 1973, between Israel and a coalition of Arab states led by Egypt's Anwar Sadat and Syria's Hafez al-Assad, with forces from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Cuba, Sudan Sudan – Supported by: Soviet Union (Brezhnev), East Germany, North Korea, Pakistan, Lebanon.

Israel was led by Golda Meir supported by America led by Nixon, Greece, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Yom Kippur war outcome was a miracle

On the last day of the war, October 24, 1973, Israel found itself on the western side of the Suez Canal, with the entire Egyptian Third Army surrounded and just 100 km from Cairo. In the North, the IDF had crossed the Golan Heights into Syria and was within 32 km of Damascus, about the distance from Jerusalem to Beit Shemesh. All this occurred after the country had been outgunned, outmanned, and caught completely by surprise on the holiest day of the Jewish year. Jpost

We can know the hand of Yahweh Elohim as he will not give honour to humans. None can say that Israel won by their might. The Egyptians may try to 'revise history', but the facts are -as the above article says - the war convinced 'the Arab states they could not defeat Israel in conventional warfare"

There is a bit of talk about the Yom Kippur war due to the 50th anniversary and movie about Golda Meir.

This Yom Kippur marks 50 years since the Yom Kippur War, when Israel lost 2,656 brave soldiers plus had over 9,000 wounded. If not for HaShem’s help - guiding the hands of some incredible heroes - the outcome would have been far worse. During the war, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan told Prime Minister Golda Meir the famous words that “we are facing the destruction of the Third Temple”. The fact that this Yom Kippur – 5784 – we will pray to HaShem in a beautiful, quiet and Jewish Eretz Yisrael, is nothing short of a miracle.

The Golda movie shows – very clearly – how close we were to losing the precious gift given to us by HaShem… we see the breakdown of Moshe Dayan, the panic attacks of chain-smoking Golda and the serious error by Eli Ze’ira, head of Israel’s military intelligence.

Shmuel Sackett Founder and Director Am Yisrael Chai Foundation (email)

The movie and most of history misses just how great Nixon's God-given role in 1973 was – This was explored by a recent article in the Jerusalem Post by Ron Rubin.

Nixon ignored the advice of his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who wanted the war to play out a little longer so that Egypt President Anwar Sadat would have the political cover to make peace in the war’s aftermath.

Alexander Haig, Nixon’s chief of staff, reported in his memoir Inner Circles, Nixon’s sense of urgency in coming to Israel’s aid. Nixon summoned both Kissinger and James Schlesinger (a Jewish convert to Christianity), Secretary of Defense, to a White House meeting assessing the pace of the much needed airlift requested by Golda. Nixon asked Kissinger for an exact account of Israel’s military needs. Kissinger began reading from an itemized list. “Double it,” ordered Nixon. “Now get the hell out of here and get the job done.”

In another such meeting, Nixon informed about bureaucratic disagreements in the Pentagon over types of delivery planes, shouted at Kissinger “(expletive) it, use every one we have. Tell them to send everything that can fly.”

Though Nixon was in the throes of fighting the Watergate charges, in June, 1974, two months before he resigned his presidency, he became the first incumbent president to visit Israel. In his expansive airport tribute (no doubt with Golda in mind) Nixon said, “the respect and the admiration we have for the people of this nation, their courage, their tenacity, their firmness in the face of very great odds… makes us proud to stand with Israel.”

In sum, this president haunted by the specter of disloyal American Jews, had little to gain and much to lose by the bold steps he took in Israel’s defense less than a year earlier. None of this courage and defiance of the US State Department is documented in the biopic Golda.

In the absence of the astonishing 567 missions flown by the US air force, Israel might not have survived. Already in his second term (regardless of Watergate), Nixon knew that Republicans were not going to win over the largely liberal Jewish vote. Nixon’s unconventional airlift subsequently spurred an Arab oil embargo sharply raising gasoline prices.

Dismissing the advice of Kissinger, his Jewish adviser, Nixon risked a war with the Soviet Union to save Israel. According to Stephen E. Ambrose, Nixon’s biographer, he “knew that his enemies would never give him credit for saving Israel. He did it anyway.”

A proud Nixon boasted, “Christ, if it weren’t for me, there wouldn’t be any Israel. They know that in Israel. Golda knows that, even though they may not know it over here.” jpost

From Daniel and all the scriptures we know Of course we know that the Most High Rules in the Kingdoms of men. There was likly no other man who would have done as Nixon did – he was the man of the hour- he was the man of God's hour. When his job was done he was removed.

Which brings us to the role of Kissinger. What did he know? Who knew what- because the truth is now known that some in the US National Security Agency knew of the planned attack.

How was it that we at NSA’s Arabic Section knew, but even those trustworthy US generals didn’t know? It was clear to General Zeira that the correct intelligence that we had in the Arabic Section was already manipulated before it ever reached these US generals. One would assume that President Nixon himself was also given the adulterated intelligence. How was it that NSA had even reported to the 1974 US Congressional Commission of Inquiry that NSA did not know? Yet we in the Arabic Section knew, and knew it for a certainty. israpundit

Perhaps the question regarding Kissinger is how he was to be used- and that in fact he was perhaps more a witness of doubt to show the victory and miracle was of God not Jews (such as Kissinger's) own will and so Nixon was the active agent.

Kissinger famously said at the time. he wanted Israel to suffer a bloody nose so she would be more amenable.

For Henry Kissinger, the prospect of an Israeli defeat during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War was always unthinkable. A victory by a Soviet-armed Arab coalition against a U.S.-armed Israel would shatter Washington’s strategic advantage in the Middle East and send the message to other Cold War clients that they “need to rely on the Soviet Union,” the then-U.S. secretary of state told his staff.

But Kissinger also harbored doubts about the virtues of an all-out Israeli victory that resulted in a decisive Arab surrender. As he participated in cease-fire talks to end the war, in a phone conversation with Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin, he confessed that, “My nightmare is a victory for either side.” israpundit

Kissinger at 100 in an interview recently witnessed that they saw the build up and made this damning admission about his role, in connection to the State Department. His role was to stop Israeli victory!

"The decision was to take advantage of the Egyptian attack to promote a political process. The concern among the American advisors was that Israel would decide the campaign quickly. We thought that within days the IDF would reach Alexandria even before the Egyptians set foot in the Sinai. Therefore, in order to allow dialogue, we wanted to stop the fighting and return to the previous status quo." Jpost

Kissinger, was not a Jew of faith. The miracle of victory was always Yahweh Elohim's. Despite all known attempts Arab, God doubting Jew and Soviet to eliminate, reduce or subdue the miracle of Israel of 1967, the war of Yom Kippur also delivered many more miracles and a final victory, which due to the losses many Israeli's view as defeat. Kissinger of the US State Department and his Soviet counterpart stepped in to prevent Israeli victory. Kissinger desired that the Israelis' would feel they needed to rely on America. This may have been realistic when America said 'In God we trust' and enough believed it – but 50 years later Israel must know that America back then was not to be trusted, as they must see that America now is like Ancient Egypt, a bruised reed, which none can lean on (2 Kings 8:21).

Some consider this a first year in the Jewish cycle was a possible Jubilee – which then may make 1973 era a jubilee era. This is pattern is perhaps hard to sustain as 1973 did not deliver much new territory as a return to inheritance, but 1973 established that Egypt could not through war take back the Sinai. The other way to see it is that 1967 and 1973 were the same war, so that the peace of 1973 ended the return to their inheritance begun in 1967.

War and 'Peace': Camp David Accords

If Communist-Jew hating but Israel-loving Nixon was the man of the hour in the drastic time of existential war – in the time of a slippery 'peace', it was the role for Israel despising Carter. Anwar Sadat had tried to gain the Israel Sinai by war in 1973, but due to Carter's weakness he was given the chance to gain it for peace.

On 4 September 1975 Egypt formally ended the Yom Kippur war, signing the Egypt-Israel Interim Peace Agreement in Geneva, Switzerland.

Geneva saw the Americans seek and Arab Israeli peace based on the Geneva Peace conference. It was Anwar Sadat who was unhappy with this and broke ranks to call to speak to Israel directly.

According to Wikipedia Jimmy Carter was seeking to make great moves and

The Yom Kippur War further complicated efforts to achieve the objectives written in United Nations Security Council Resolution 242.

One may assume that Yahweh Elohim would indeed make that path impossible.. Instead Sadat went to Jerusalem.

On 9 November 1977, he startled the world by announcing his intention to go to Jerusalem and speak before the Knesset. Shortly afterward, the Israeli government cordially invited him to address the Knesset in a message passed to Sadat via the US ambassador to Egypt. Ten days after his speech, Sadat arrived for the groundbreaking three-day visit, which launched the first peace process between Israel and an Arab state. As would be the case with later Israeli–Arab peace initiatives, Washington was taken by surprise; the White House and State Department were particularly concerned that Sadat was merely reaching out to reacquire Sinai as quickly as possible, putting aside the Palestinian problem... Egypt and Israel gang(ed) up to push Carter off his Geneva track.

Once the Carter White House was involved, Carter used significant diplomacy at Camp David to gain the agreement between Israel and Egypt, though the two leaders would not stay in the same room.

President Jimmy Carter announced the results of the Camp David Accords, 18 September 1978.

The Camp David Accords also prompted the disintegration of a united Arab front in opposition to Israel

the Israeli settler movement opposed them because Sadat's refusal to agree to a treaty in which Israel had any presence in the Sinai Peninsula at all meant they had to withdraw from the entire Sinai Peninsula.

There was one other significant outcome – one of the formal Side Letters from Anwar Sadat

5. All peoples must have free access to the City and enjoy the free exercise of worship and the right to visit and transit to the holy places without distinction or discrimination.

6. The holy places of each faith may be placed under the administration and control of their representatives.

7. Essential functions in the City should be undivided and a joint municipal council composed of an equal number of Arab and Israeli members can supervise the carrying out of these functions. In this way, the City shall be undivided.

Sincerely, (signed) MOHAMED ANWAR EL SADAT Jewish Virtual Library

From the perspective of the Bible – we know that Jerusalem is not to be shared, but the point of this was that the leader of Egypt gave up their claim to power over Jerusalem. They did not say Jews or Christians, but the implication was that Jews would administer their holy places and Arabs their holy places. This point was recently brought to my attention.

The full implication of Sadat's words reduced the status of Arab power over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. Sadat may have been thinking it was to be an international city, as perhaps Cater was, but the undivided 'one state' solution for Jerusalem would lead to Jews uniting and proclaiming it indivisible in 1981.

The Temple Mount and Daniel's Prophecy

These matters above engage our interest due to Daniel's prophecy of the final end of Arab Islamic power over the Temple Mount.

And from the time the perpetual (or daily) is taken away, and the coming forth of the detestable destroyer, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.
Blessed is he that waits, and reaches up to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days. But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shall rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days. (Dan 12:11-13)

Many have attempted to match dates and proclaim the blessed end time – and such has been the extent of the end time that we can say we have seen the eras fully played out. So many have played out that the best theory that fits is that the era was not meant to be one day – but a range of days that define and era.

There have been 1335 years from when the Islamic destroyer (that saw the land become a barren dry wasteland) first took power over Jerusalem in 638 – the 1335 years ended at the year of Yom Kippur war a time of blessing.

From the milestones as Islam increased power over the Temple Mount, there now have been 1290 years fulfilled to the milestones of peace with Egypt and increased Jewish power over an indivisible Jerusalem – and the 1335 from that era ends now in 2023. 2023 is a time of struggle in the heavens of power, as to who has power in Israel.

But let all remember Yahweh Elohim alone has power in Israel to give it to whom he chooses.

As Yom Kippur is associated with the beginning of a year - like the Passover Seder - Yom Kippur ends with the words “next year Jerusalem”. The phrase first came to end the Yom Kippur service in the 12th Century and only came to the Seder after. momentmag The trumpet of a new year has blown, the 10 days of awe are passed- and now people seek atonement for a good year.

May this year indeed bring redemption: the only redemption that matters: the coming of Messiah and the blessing of the end of the days. Then, after that, there will be peace.

In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians. In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance. (Isaiah 19:23-25)