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Times Appointed Part 3

21st Sep 2023, hej.

This section examines the prediction of Messiah's first comming of Daniel 9, the meaning of the 'week', the jubile. The historical fulfillment of the times of the desolator of the Holy Land in Daniel 12. We also analyse the Olivet prophecy and the signs in the sun and the moon. ... More

Grieved at the hardness of their heart

24th Aug 2023, hej.

We might tend to think that our Creator watches as if detached, but there is abundant evidence that this is not the case. At the very least Y'shua Messiah was grieved to his heart by the souls he could not save.

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A New Thesis: Creation and Evolution

11th Jun 2023, hej.

This God Willing, will become a series of articles that give a new take on Creation - God as an architect

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How do we know the Word of the Lord?

27th Mar 2023, hej.

We were asked how do we know that the Bible is complete and there is no missing books, or books in the Bible that should not be there? Fundamentally this question is how can we know the word of God from human writing? ... More

Build thou the walls of Jerusalem

12th Mar 2023, hej.

I have seen samplers embroidered with, 'the sacrifices of God are a broken spirit'

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The great sign: Israel

11th Dec 2022, hej.

The modern generation is so overloaded with ephemeral images and data on phones and tablets that they are in danger of losing their physical long sight and wider vision. The sign of Israel, being no longer a new nation, is perhaps not as ascendant to a post-modern myopic generation as it was to more far seeing generations.

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The Witch of Endor

17th Jul 2022, hej.

There is a cultural fascination with wizardry and witchcraft which may have to do with romanticism of its power in fiction and fashion and have little to do with function and sordid fact. But at the core of functional witchcraft is a rejection of the God of the Bible, and the servants of Christ might wish to reject fashion and fiction for the most amazing fact, as illustrated by the Witch of Endor.

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USA’s belief in a God given destiny?

20th Feb 2022, mgh.

There are historians that claim many people of the USA believe the country had an important destiny to fulfil. The US began as a refuge for many religious groups, which were identified by their belief in God and maintained moral principles. To what extent do the Americans believe that the USA has a “destiny?”

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Psalm 83

8th Feb 2022, hej.

There is some speculation in Christian eschatology that Psalm 83 speaks Israel of our time. In a recent conversation with another I asked which modern nations are referred to. Let us look at it.

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Daniel 9- 70 Weeks to 2nd Coming

26th Jan 2022, jf.

The purpose of this short paper is to explore the possibility that the prophecy of the seventy weeks, given in Daniel 9:16 – 27, has an application to the second coming of Messiah as well as his first coming.

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