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Gog Prince of Rosh & king of the North

16th Oct 2018, hej.

We were asked what early documents establish that Rosh of Ezekiel 38 is Russia. The answer is in 2 parts, as we explain the trajectory from fulfilled prophecy in history to prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

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The Revelation 12 Sign

16th Jul 2017, mgh.

The Revelation 12 Sign

There is much written about the sun, moon and planets aligning on in September 2017. We have many reasons for suspecting that 2017 will be a prophetically significant year, and the time of the Jewish feast of Sukkot could be more significant than any other time, but we need to understand the scripture before we consider the stars. ... More

Ambassadors in Reed Boats

26th Dec 2016, hej.

Britain leaving the EU Brexit

17th Jun 2016, hej.

There is a great sense that the British are about to sail on the winds of change, and cast off the European shackles which have reduced trade and it's competitive edge. There is a reason why it's 'now', as it is spoken of in the Bible.

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30th Dec 2014, mgh.

As the world becomes focussed on Israel and Jerusalem, with even nations leaders who remote from Israel having an opinion, we might consider that it is said that those who touch Jerusalem, touch God's eye. ... More

2012, end of the world, what the Bible says

21st Dec 2012, hej.

The first point is that when God put the rainbow in the sky, he meant what he said to Noah. God promised to Noah in a covenant, “the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.” (Gen 9:12-15).

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When Isaiah Walked Naked 3 years (1080 days)

24th Jun 2012, hej.

Isaiah 20 might be read and passed over. It seems at first glance about events which are totally historical. From this prophecy Isaiah's reputation as a prophet was established in his own lifetime, as it was fulfilled in his lifetime. For this reason alone it is important. In the prophecy Isaiah acted out the events. Let us pause and consider what this acting out might indicate.

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Black Hole Caught Red Handed stealing Star

13th May 2012, hej.

This article is speculative, and based on the correlation between natural events and political events in the book of Daniel and Revelation, and the symbolic language of the prophets.

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The King's Donkey

26th Sep 2011, hej.

Jesus may have fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah is to come riding on a donkey, but he did not fulfill the context. There is a powerful argument that he will come again riding on a donkey leading a colt into Jerusalem. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Part 4

30th Aug 2010, hej.

With Britain's PM Cameron visiting Turkey, India and the United States we are seeing a revival of Britain's role in the Middle East, specifically in relationship to strengthening of a historic role in the Gulf states. This is linked to their role as a global merchant nation and the revival of London as the centre of world finance. ... More

Watchman: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

28th Aug 2010, hej.

It is a saying to 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts'. In Greek legend Troy was taken by the Greek gift of a wooden horse. Interpreted as a peace gift, the people of Troy even put wheels on the wooden horse to take it within their gates, where famously the Greeks emerge while the people of Troy are celebrating 'peace'. ... More

Watchman: Era end as Anne Frank tree falls

25th Aug 2010, hej.

Recently we wrote in Watchman part 3 of the Cyprus tree felled by Israel and the confrontation with Lebanon which in the Bible is the Great Cedar. Shortly after we have a very significant incident where a wind gust broke the Anne Frank Tree in Amsterdam as if it were a matchstick. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Climate & Trees. Part 3

16th Aug 2010, hej.

In the night of the nations there are new developments in the climate, specifically affecting the political climate. And then there is also the issue of the tree Israel cut down. ... More

The year 2016 & time of the End

8th Aug 2010, hej.

In the past, with great fervour, people have set dates for the Millenium, but they have passed. Does this mean that all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation? We can know this is not true as, for sure, the only thing certian is change. We pray 'thy kingdom come' and for our Lord's return. We think we are in the last days and the return is near. But how near is near? ... More

Consider Armageddon: not Megiddo

11th Jul 2010, hej.

The following is new research carried out as a result of a comment and question sent to us regarding the place of the battle of that great day of God Almighty. We will exhaustively explore what the Bible says in context and in the process reveal great misconceptions about Revelation 16:13-16, and also an amazing dovetailing of Hebrew prophecy hidden to those who accept simplistic ideas.

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Recompense for the controversy of Zion

11th Jun 2010, hej.

If only a few thought Israel's existence was controversial then it wouldn't be. The events in this last six months show the world leaders (and media) giving Israel an increasing prominence, which Israel may not wish for. ... More

The Horns which Scattered

29th May 2010, hej.

Prophecy becomes much clearer once it has been fulfilled. Much of the prophecy of the Bible is fulfilled over a long time scale, but some will only be fulfilled on the eve of the establishment of the Kingdom. The four horns seen by Zechariah are now evident. Their project is not peace in the Middle East but ensuring Israel has less of a piece of the Middle East. ... More

Luke 21, the Olivet Prophecy

15th May 2010, hej.

Babylon remains a ruin

10th May 2010, hej.

Once, according to some, there was dispute over whether Babylon existed. Whether this is true or not Unger an expert admitted, “reams of what has been subsequently proved by archaeology to be sheer nonsense were written by scholars who viewed the Bible as legend, myth or at best unreliable history.” (Archaeology and the Old Testament 1954). Certainly the role of Belshazzar as the last ruler of Babylon was disputed. The dispute over Babylon today is about what the Iraqis might want to do with it.

Paul Schemm of Associated Press reports,

BABYLON, Iraq - A U.S.-funded program to restore the ruins of Iraq's ancient city of Babylon is threatened by a dispute among Iraqi officials over whether the priority should be preserving the site or making money off it.
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Watchman what of the Night? Part 2

8th May 2010, hej.

The volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjoll (Island's Mountain) has cast a shadow over Europe, but not Russia. At the same time, if people chose to see a great nation has risen, that like a mountain casts a shadow over other nations. Jeremiah speaks of Babylon a destroying mountain. ... More

Christian view of Israel & Palestine

25th Mar 2010, mgh,hej.

The Watchman

7th Mar 2010, seh,mgh.

We are told, "Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord does come". (Matthew 24:42 Also Matt 25:13, Parable of the ten Virgins). But what do we watch for? This artile presents radical evidence that equates signs in the natural world with signs in the political world. ... More

Prophecy strengthens Faith

12th Feb 2010, mgh.

How can we strengthen our belief and faith in the Bible? Many people question the authenticity of the Bible and the existence of the Creator, but is there a way to banish doubts? ... More

A New Amalek

7th Feb 2010, hej.

At Auschwitz PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned ''A new Amalek is appearing,” But who is this new Amalek? On investigation this is a powerful hard hitting condemnation. Most reporters implied the new Amalek is Iran. But Netanyahu didn't mention Iran by name (see full text of his speech). Netanyahu said at his previous Yad Vashem, “there is evil in the world”, “there is new Jew hatred in our midst”. Netanyahu didn't mean Iran, so who was he speaking of? ... More

Beyond 2012 Nonsense

24th Jan 2010, hej.

Who will be left behind 2012? who will survive 2012?

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Europe, Islam and the bid for World Domination, No Less

9th Dec 2009, hej.

Even before the Swiss vote to ban minarets, there was a half formed picture in my mind, which the news story fitted. The recent Swiss vote to ban minarets, has followed a few of what may be seen as anti-Muslim proposals and political actions in Europe, including stringent citizenship restrictions in Denmark. ... More

Jerusalem, history and settlement opposition

26th Nov 2009, hej.

If we don't know the past, we don't know if we are repeating it. It is possible the current American administration, and now Brazil and Spain's leaders, in applying pressure to stop construction in Jerusalem aren't informed regarding readily available Middle East history. ... More

Iran, Persian cat or Bear?

21st Nov 2009, hej.

Here kitty, kitty..oh it's a bear!

In the wilds of the nations, it may be a matter of life and death to know what type of animal a nation is, and the habits of that animal. ... More

The Berlin wall fell in 1989

9th Nov 2009, hej.

There are moments which we experience which become stamped on our minds. The pictures of people on the Berlin Wall pecking away bits of concrete is one of mine. I'm sure the images I have in my mind were impressed there over a few nights' news, but they are all one indelible moment in my mind. ... More

Obama's goal, the UN: the final word on Israel

26th Sep 2009, hej.

When President Obama made his inaugural speech to the United Nations on September 23 to map the direction he felt the world should take, he made the issue of Israel a key part of his 4 'pillars'. His aim is a divided Israel. But the final word on this issue is already written. Obama should know about this. He made his oath as President with his hand on that final word given on Israel. ... More


15th Aug 2009, hej.

There are many misconceptions of what Anti-Christ means due to mis-information, and sensationalism. It is not hard to confirm what the Bible actually says. ... More

A Land that Devours: Isarel at 61

14th May 2009, hej.

Remembering May 14, 1948. Today is an anniversary of the declaration of the state of Israel. A time to remember why it was established. To remember why the call went out for a place where Jews could freely be Jews. A place for the people no nation on earth wanted. ... More

China, Burma & 60 years with Israel

17th May 2008, gah.

Amongst the leading online world news reports for the week, dominated by the distress in China due to earthquake and the devastating cyclone in Burma, was a tribute to 60 years with Israel. But is there any link between the three countries? ... More

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