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“Is Donald Trump the Modern Day Cyrus?”

13th May 2017, mgh.

Cyrus the Great encouraged the Jews to rebuild their Temple and return to their homeland.

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UN Resolution 2334 Settlements: US, Israel & the future

30th Dec 2016, hej.

What the world leaders intend and what God directs may be different things. In this case of the US Administration's action in the UN Security Council the Bible, with an amazing track record, both predicted the situation and indicates the future, which won't be as they hoped. They are on the wrong side of the Maker of history.

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Shimon Peres: The writing on the wall

1st Oct 2016, hej.

Shimon Peres has been a man of sign in his life and now in his death and burial. ... More

SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Amos-6 satellite Anomaly: What it says

4th Sep 2016, hej.

Whoa! Has the Creator made a comment?

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7 times pass over him: the decree of the Watchers

8th Dec 2013, hej.

The king of Babylon was made as a beast for 7 years (times), and was a witness to all generations, that the living may know that the Most High rules in the nations.

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Ultimate JFK Conspiracy Theory: 50 years on

20th Nov 2013, hej.

The following is utterly speculative, and investigates based on known facts how and why God might have brought about the removal of JFK in the light of what has been said in the Bible about who rules in the nations.

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Promised Land

2nd Jan 2013, hej.

If you know nothing much about the Bible, or a lot about it, a key part of the Bible is the promises made to Abraham. There are a few components to the promises, but the first part is that Abraham was asked to leave his home to go to the land that was promised to him. ... More

Palestine … whose land is it?

3rd Dec 2012, gah.


Bible study is research into the unknown, one never knows where they will end up or what conclusions they will draw at the end.  Such is true for me in this journey, the findings were not quite what I thought they would be! ... More

The Holy Land to Israel: 1922 to 1967

12th Jun 2012, hej.

The following combines the work of an expert in the international law in relationship to Israel's establishment with a curiosity of Daniel's prophecy.

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Watchman: Gilad Shalit

23rd Oct 2011, hej.

It seems all the world leaders have an opinion on the Shalit deal. The Jerusalem Post reports that the Shalit release was heavily covered in foreign media (Jpost). To those watching, there are some points to note from the perspective of a Bible student.

It is amazing precisely how emotive and how remarkable an event this was. There are many individuals reported as suffering, yet this one beyond reason made headlines,

Drucker told Israel's Hebrew-language Marker, "The media went bankrupt. It behaved emotionally, crazily and irrationally. This included Channel 10. It was psychosis...
"They crafted a meme that Gilad Shalit is the son of every Israeli, a child. But Gilad is a soldier, duty-bound to defend his country knowing he may have to pay the price. A captured soldier is not a private matter. It’s a matter for a sovereign government." INN
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ANZAC Day: The sacrifice at Gallipoli

17th Apr 2011, hej.

Every year in remembrance of the first battle of Gallipoli on April 25, it is said of those who died that their lives were given in sacrifice. ... More

Queen of the South: Britain & Arabia

29th Nov 2010, hej.

There has been a subtle shift in the centre of transatlantic power since 2007, from the US to Britain, from New York to London. The Queen of England's visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman revives recollections of the dominant role of Britain in the Southern parts of the Middle East. And Britain has signalled, they are back. ... More

Watchman: Fog, Earthquake, Thunder & Fire

17th Nov 2010, hej.

When Israel went to meet the power of the Mighty One when revealed at Sinai, there was cloud over the mountain, thunder, lightening, fire and the mountain quaked. ... More

What is truth

24th Jul 2010, hej.

We live in an age of relativism, where some people are not even interested in finding truth. But there is no salvation without knowing the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Jesus (Yeshua) said, 'Every one that is of the truth hears my voice” and, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the Father, but by me”, which is, objective truth. (John 14:6). ... More

Zionism or the Banner of Zion?

26th Jun 2010, hej.

What is Zionism if those that claim to be Zionist cannot be classified? Do the ideals of Herzl(1860-1904), fit with those Balfour (1848-1930), who self described himself as a 'Zionist', and do these have much in common with Rav Kook (1856-1935)? And what is Zion? ... More

Recompense for the controversy of Zion

11th Jun 2010, hej.

If only a few thought Israel's existence was controversial then it wouldn't be. The events in this last six months show the world leaders (and media) giving Israel an increasing prominence, which Israel may not wish for. ... More

Christian view of Israel & Palestine

25th Mar 2010, mgh,hej.

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