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7 times pass over him: the decree of the Watchers

8th Dec 2013, hej.

The king of Babylon was made as a beast for 7 years (times), and was a witness to all generations, that the living may know that the Most High rules in the nations.

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Watchman: God's answer to Sidon

22nd Oct 2010, hej.

If it is remarkable that a stone slated to be thrown by Iran's leader at Israel, was prefigured long ago in the Scripture, be amazed at the reply given to the words hurled at Israel ... More

Watchman what of the night? Stone throwing Pt 5

14th Oct 2010, hej.

The events in the Middle East are now coming with such frequency that it seems we are indeed seeing the sands run in what little time there is left. A stone was slated to be thrown by Iran's leader at Israel, but it was prefigured long ago in the Scripture. ... More

Myrtus, Myrtle trees & Persia

5th Oct 2010, hej.

Quite a few sources are linking references to the Bible to the recent exposure of the computer 'worm' or 'virus' Stuxnet in June and its particular effect recently on systems in Iran, where on the 1st of October 2010 it is reported the damage is so great the Iranian president is vowing revenge on the US and Israel (Debkafile) . Several sources note that analysts have found a file path name with “myrtus” and “guava” both references to the myrtle tree (Glick, Aruntz Sheva.) ... More

Prophecy strengthens Faith 2

9th May 2010, mgh.


28th Feb 2010, hej.

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