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If you are not with the majority you are extreme

4th Oct 2022, hej.

The American White house press secretary caused a stir by saying “When you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme, That is an extreme way of thinking." Yet all Christians know that majority are making a path - to hell.

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Queen Elizabeth Dies, Bible's 70 Years era Ends

10th Sep 2022, hej.

At 96 the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain has died in the 70th year of her reign. Her reign was one of the most significant in recent history, as the Bible speaks of it and the end of the matter is a new king – Charles III may for today be king, but next is the Anointed king of Israel; Yeshua HaMashiach, or if you prefer Greek Iesus the Christ, born king of the Jews.

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Rejoicing of my Heart

21st Aug 2022, hej.

Many people find reading the Bible hard, and many Christians do not know their Bible well. However, Jeremiah makes a powerful point: if you wish to have a heart that rejoices, read God's word. In deed, read it as the best mental 'food' you may ever eat. ... More

No Greater Joy

15th Aug 2022, hej.

I recently heard of the rejoicing of those at the baptism of a girl named Abigail, a name that means father turns about, dances or rejoices. Recently I had been reminded that the Apostle John had written that he had no greater joy than in hearing that his children walked in truth.

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He Hath Shortened the Days

8th Aug 2022, hej.

In a world scared by any change in things they do not understand, it is being reported everywhere that the length of a day is shortened. But the God-fearing know both why and what it means!

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100 years ratified Balfour Declaration

23rd Jul 2022, hej.

July 24, 2022 commemorates 100 years since the adoption by The League of Nations of The Mandate for Palestine, at the time a revolutionary pro-Zionist document that constitutes "Israel's Land Title Deed Given by the World." Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights.

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In the USA What do the Patriots Stand for

10th Jul 2022, mgh.

Never before today in human history has a nation been gathered from every corner of the earth to be One nation under God, indivisible with justice and liberty for all” (Patriot’s voice)

The Beginning of Self Determination and Search For Justice

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Putin is perhaps like Hazael

11th Jun 2022, hej.

Hazael was appointed king of Syria by no less than the God of Israel to destroy Israel – for its idolatry and evil. I have seen the rise of Putin's Russia and more recently the gains in Ukraine, I am reminded of Hazael.

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What of the Night?

23rd May 2022, hej.

The darkness is far advanced – these are some news articles we are taking notice of as we watch for the signs of our Lord's return.

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O, how I love thy law!

11th May 2022, hej.

The Psalmist effusively praises the law. A modern libertarian would not agree. Many Christians feel that law is replaced by utter grace in Christ, and might rather tend to have a stance not far from libertarian. But why did the Psalmist love the law so much?

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