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9th August 2009, mgh


4) The Holy Spirit

7.'The holy spirit' (to hagios pneumaτὸ αγιον πνεῦμα)

The Greek term 'the holy spirit' occurs only 2 times.

According to Luke, Yeshua is the first to use the term 'the holy spirit'.

He said,

Everyone who shall say a word against the son of the man it will be forgiven him to the but against 'the holy spirit' blasphemy not be forgiven. (Luke 12:10)
That truly 'holy spirit' will teach you in this the hour, what ought to say. (Luke 12:12)

8.'Of-the holy spirit (ton hagios pneuma του αγιου πνευματος)

This term occurs 9 times. Yeshua also speaks first of-the holy spirit,

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and 'of-the holy spirit' (Matthew 28:19)

Among his last words are

But you shall receive power having come of-the holy spirit upon you and you shall be witnesses to me (Acts 1:8)

Peter speaks to the first generation to whom a promise was given of the gift of the holy spirit (Acts 2:39),

Repent, and be baptised each one of you in the name of Yeshua Anointed, for forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gift 'of-the holy spirit' (Acts 2:38)
Being built up and proceeding in the fear of-the Lord and the consolation 'of-the holy spirit', were multiplied (Acts 9:31)
because also on the Gentiles the gifts 'of-the holy spirit' has been poured out (Acts 10:45)

As mentioned above Barnabas and Paul after being separated by the spirit of the Holy One then they were,

sent forth through 'the holy spirit' (Acts 13:4)

This continues to determine the course of the apostles' life,

Being prevented by 'the holy spirit' from speaking the word in the Asia (Acts 16:6)
And the fellowship 'of-the holy spirit' with all of you (2 Cor. 13:14)

In that first generation of disciples many had experienced outworking of the holy spirit as Peter had said (Acts2:39), and they had a fellowship based on the visible work of the holy spirit.

These 11 occurrences indicate that term 'the holy spirit' was used as a name. In Greek where 'holy' is part of a noun, or proper name, it has 'the' in front of it and the word order is “the holy ... ”. If something is described as having a holy characteristic, holy comes after the word “ ... holy”. The majority of times when spirit is spoken of in the New Testament it has holy attached as a characteristic. But in 11 places it is a proper name. It is false to build a theory on this minority of 11 passages and apply it to all 84.

The result of poor theory seems to have led to a disregard for the text. The minority texts say of the gathering with Peter and John there was a shaking of the building and

They were filled all 'of the holy spirit' and spoke the word of the God with frankness (Acts 4:31)

The Majority text says instead they were filled all 'of spirit holy' (πνευματος αγιου). They repeated what is said in Acts Chapter 2,

“And they were all filled 'of-spirit holy' and they began to speak with other languages as the spirit gave them to speak” (Acts2:4).

Though we can't be dogmatic, it seems the original text read that they were filled 'of the holy spirit' as the minority text indicates. In Acts 2 a miracle occurred. Then the spirit of the Holy One came upon them and they were then filled of this spirit holy and so they spoke a language they had never learned (note 'tongue' is a literal translation of the Greek for language). In Acts 4 the disciples were together and something very different happened. They were given courage to speak their own language. This was the work of the holy spirit that was promised, the spirit of truth, the spirit to speak truth and the comforter or helper.

Link to a list of all the verses containing the 8 different phrases for holy spirit, to print out and mark up in your Bible, go to A summary of Holy Spirit

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