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The Bible Canon

21st Aug 2009, mgh,hej.

Towards an understanding the Bible canon. ... More


9th Aug 2009, mgh.

Translation has concealed what was written in the New Testemant regarding the work of Yahweh Elohim and the Apostles in the work of spreading the gospel and writing the New Testament. ... More

Holy Spirit

9th Aug 2009, mgh.

Further understanding of the application of the Greek text of the New Testament, in terms of the work of God through his spirit. ... More

O.T. Spirit

20th Jul 2009, mgh.

We will examine in its various contexts the use of the term 'spirit' in the Biblical text to remove any preconceived ideas. ... More

Review: Eugene H Peterson's THE MESSAGE

1st Apr 2007, hej.

Consider, from a critical Bible scholar's viewpoint, reviews Eugene H Peterson's The Message® is a paraphrase of the Bible from the original languages to “contemporary language”. ... More

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