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Fallen legacy of Benjamin Franklin

19th May 2016, hej.

On Sunday May 16, 2016 a gust of wind changed Boston's “Freedom trail” and knocked over the statue of Benjamin Franklin. It has great significance, and likely is no accident or freak chance.

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He that calls for the waters of the sea

31st Jan 2016, hej.

It has been in my heart to write about an observation regarding the movement in the heavens : weather, climate, sun and universe. It concerns me that people do not give the God of the Bible the glory for His gift of life, moment to moment, and the giving of rain and sun.

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Climate Thermostat Set Point?

25th Dec 2009, hej.

There has been a fact lost in translation from objective science to politics.

AFP reported Britain blames China over 'farcical' climate talks ... More

Clouds, Climate Change & Conviction

16th Aug 2009, hej.

What does the science of clouds, human ideas of climate change, and what the Bible observes regarding climate have to say to us regarding our faith? ... More


9th Aug 2009, mgh.

Translation has concealed what was written in the New Testemant regarding the work of Yahweh Elohim and the Apostles in the work of spreading the gospel and writing the New Testament. ... More

Holy Spirit

9th Aug 2009, mgh.

Further understanding of the application of the Greek text of the New Testament, in terms of the work of God through his spirit. ... More

O.T. Spirit

20th Jul 2009, mgh.

We will examine in its various contexts the use of the term 'spirit' in the Biblical text to remove any preconceived ideas. ... More

Prince of the power of the air.

23rd Jun 2009, hej.

Much is said about 'global warming' due to pollution from human activities releasing Carbon Dioxide. But Carbon Dioxide can't be seen, whereas combustion from heating fires always produced smoke. That faint brown pollution haze over a city is as old as civilization. And the apostle Paul tells us about it. ... More

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