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Holy Spirit

9th August 2009, mgh


5) A Summary of ideas of Spirit

The spirit of Yahweh that sustains all life is also the mind and power of God revealed in the Bible in various and varied ways. It is clear the term is broad and ranges from describing the general all pervading life and energy force to the emotion of Yahweh himself.

The specifically defined 'spirit of Elohim' and 'spirit of Yahweh' as used in the Old Testament speak of work done solely to accomplish Yahweh's will in the purpose that he has with the earth and mankind on the earth. The nation of Israel has been guided by Yahweh and his intervention occurred when needed at critical times in their history. Yahweh's power, through his spirit working in selected humans was employed to ensure Israel's survival.

In the New Testament there was also clear evidence of the Spirit of the Lord (Yahweh) at work in the first century, as it had been in Ancient Israel's experiences, with the Apostles entrusted with the work of revealing the Creator and the hope of salvation, through the ministry and sacrifice of their redeemer, Yeshua. The special work of the holy spirit in the Apostles and the preservation of the writings of the Prophets and the Apostles brought this hope to all nations.

Often the Holy Spirit is regarded today by individuals as the power by which they may be healed or come to knowledge of God, but the evidence that we have presented reveals that the work of Spirit of Yahweh has been solely for the preservation of Israel, with the specific work of the holy spirit being the establishment of Christianity and the future fulfilment of God's promises to man.

The spirit given skill of the New Testament times was given publicly, directly and visibly to both Yeshua and the Apostles. The Apostles could 'break off' and give of a bit of that spirit by putting on their hands. No other but the 12 Apostles and Paul could give it. And of most importance it was never given for any personal benefit.

The Bible is an authoritative book and the sole source of knowledge about God. The Spirit of Yahweh, or also 'the spirit the Holy' inspired men to write and many times it is stated that 'Yahweh said'. The Bible is today the voice of Yahweh revealing to us his will and purpose. In the world around us and in the evidence of history we can see the fulfilment of prophecy and the power of God working among the nations.

The work of the holy spirit was finished when John penned the last words of the Revelation. The promise of the work through the holy spirit was to that generation. The Bible, including the work done with the holy spirit, is now sole source of guidance and instruction for those who love Yahweh and his son Yeshua, and, who seek for life beyond our present mortal existence and peace brought to a world in which injustice and violence now prevail.


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