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ANZAC Day: The sacrifice at Gallipoli

17th April 2011, hej


2) What was the sacrifice for?

But what was the sacrifice for? Freedom? Did a campaign in the Dardanelles affect Australian's freedom? Not really. Whose freedom did it ensure?

And why is this defeat so important?

The following is not dogmatic, but there seems some evidence that the reason Gallipoli is so significant, notwithstanding defeat, is that it reveals a crucial element in the plan of God (Yahweh) for the earth. And Australia and New Zealand ensure the whole world does not forget it.

The answers as to what the sacrifice achieved and why the defeat is important is very evident in the subsequent history of the world. In Australian Jewish News on April 30, 2004 in an editorial, Dan Goldberg wrote the following:

Yom Hazikaron and the supreme sacrifice
ON Sunday, ANZAC Day — Australia’s memorial day for its fallen soldiers — coincided with Yom Hazikaron — Israel’s memorial day for its fallen. Not since 1993 have these two days — both of which are seared into the national consciousness of both peoples — coincided. ...
Although the original ANZACs predated any of Israel’s 20,196 fallen soldiers since November 29, 1947, those legendary Australian soldiers played a crucial role in helping to topple the Ottoman Empire, which paved the way for the establishment of the British Mandate and, subsequently, the modern State of Israel.
It was of course the ANZACs who, having retreated from their fateful landing at Gallipoli in 1915, returned to base in Egypt before heading north through the Sinai Desert to Be’er Sheva, where they led the charge of the Light Horse Brigade — believed to be the last great cavalry charge in history.
Those same brave ANZACs who freed Be’er Sheva from the Turks in November 1917 went on to liberate Jerusalem in December. Their legend — and their connection to the Middle East — lives on, manifested most recently by the SAS’ neutralising of Saddam Hussein’s Scud missiles in western Iraq following the US-led invasion of Iraq last year. This important intervention prevented the rogue dictator from repeating his attack on Israel a decade earlier when he fired 39 Scuds in the first Iraq war in 1991. ...
For these men and women, including 200 Jewish Diggers who fell in World War I and 134 in World War II, fought for the principles that both Israel and Australia still hold dear to this day: freedom, liberty, democracy.
It was those soldiers who forged history at Gallipoli that etched into the Australian psyche the true meaning of those liberal democratic values as well as the unshakeable bond of mateship — the very same equaliser that pervades the IDF.
It is therefore poignant that this year these two dates converged, offering Australian Jewry the opportunity to reflect not only on the sacrifices made by so many Jews in the defence of Israel, but on the longstanding role played by Australian troops in the Middle East.

This states that the outcome of the defeat of the ANZACs in 1915 was the subsequent taking of Jerusalem. This will be further explored. The outcome of the sacrifice of ANZAC lives was the establishment of the state of Israel, and this article above acknowledges that without that crucial action there would be no State of Israel.

The sacrifice ANZACs speak of and their initial defeat at Gallipoli ultimately benefited Israel.

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