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Recompense for the controversy of Zion

11th Jun 2010, hej.

If only a few thought Israel's existence was controversial then it wouldn't be. The events in this last six months show the world leaders (and media) giving Israel an increasing prominence, which Israel may not wish for. ... More

Babylon remains a ruin

10th May 2010, hej.

Once, according to some, there was dispute over whether Babylon existed. Whether this is true or not Unger an expert admitted, “reams of what has been subsequently proved by archaeology to be sheer nonsense were written by scholars who viewed the Bible as legend, myth or at best unreliable history.” (Archaeology and the Old Testament 1954). Certainly the role of Belshazzar as the last ruler of Babylon was disputed. The dispute over Babylon today is about what the Iraqis might want to do with it.

Paul Schemm of Associated Press reports,

BABYLON, Iraq - A U.S.-funded program to restore the ruins of Iraq's ancient city of Babylon is threatened by a dispute among Iraqi officials over whether the priority should be preserving the site or making money off it.
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Watchman what of the Night? Part 2

8th May 2010, hej.

The volcanic ash from Iceland's Eyjafjoll (Island's Mountain) has cast a shadow over Europe, but not Russia. At the same time, if people chose to see a great nation has risen, that like a mountain casts a shadow over other nations. Jeremiah speaks of Babylon a destroying mountain. ... More

Whoso is wise and will observe

18th Apr 2010, hej.

There is a lot of foolishness in human philosophy. We will gain no wisdom from contemplating God as an abstract proposition. There is a simple Psalm, a song for teaching, which is a summary of human dealings with God. It is a song of wisdom. ... More

Politics of Passover 31CE

4th Apr 2010, hej.

The central theme of Christianity is the death and resurrection of Christ. Every Christian ought to know the politics that led to it and how they affect modern politics. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Part1

16th Mar 2010, hej.

In Isaiah a watchman is asked about what he sees. It is contained in the prophecy of Dumah (Al Jawf of Arabia in North Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border). Dumah (Arabia) is asked to look for any enemy by those in Seir. ... More

Despised & Rejected

21st Feb 2010, gah.

Despised & Rejected

This talk was given in Myanmar (Burma). I gave this talk to the older orphanage children after becoming aware of how the orphanage children felt they were treated by others in the local community. ... More

A New Amalek

7th Feb 2010, hej.

At Auschwitz PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned ''A new Amalek is appearing,” But who is this new Amalek? On investigation this is a powerful hard hitting condemnation. Most reporters implied the new Amalek is Iran. But Netanyahu didn't mention Iran by name (see full text of his speech). Netanyahu said at his previous Yad Vashem, “there is evil in the world”, “there is new Jew hatred in our midst”. Netanyahu didn't mean Iran, so who was he speaking of? ... More

Impossibility & God

31st Jan 2010, gah.

It is 5am and the sun starts to lighten the eastern sky. I’ve been awake since 3am but can’t sleep…it’s just another one of those periods in my life when it is hard to believe that with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27). ... More

Beyond 2012 Nonsense

24th Jan 2010, hej.

Who will be left behind 2012? who will survive 2012?

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