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Random thoughts on Bible topics.


Religious Earthquake: Haiti to Christchurch

4th Oct 2010, hej.

Yeshua's prophecy speaks of earthquakes in diverse places. Often people assume the prediction means an increase in quakes, but the prophecy does not require an increase statistical or in perception– but rather quakes in diverse places, those places not before known for quakes: quakes that are not on fault lines. Both the Haiti quake 12 January 2010 and the Christchurch quake on the 4 September 2010 were new faults, and there is an amazing symmetry. They speak of two churches. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Part 4

30th Aug 2010, hej.

With Britain's PM Cameron visiting Turkey, India and the United States we are seeing a revival of Britain's role in the Middle East, specifically in relationship to strengthening of a historic role in the Gulf states. This is linked to their role as a global merchant nation and the revival of London as the centre of world finance. ... More

Watchman: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

28th Aug 2010, hej.

It is a saying to 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts'. In Greek legend Troy was taken by the Greek gift of a wooden horse. Interpreted as a peace gift, the people of Troy even put wheels on the wooden horse to take it within their gates, where famously the Greeks emerge while the people of Troy are celebrating 'peace'. ... More

Watchman: Era end as Anne Frank tree falls

25th Aug 2010, hej.

Recently we wrote in Watchman part 3 of the Cyprus tree felled by Israel and the confrontation with Lebanon which in the Bible is the Great Cedar. Shortly after we have a very significant incident where a wind gust broke the Anne Frank Tree in Amsterdam as if it were a matchstick. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Climate & Trees. Part 3

15th Aug 2010, hej.

In the night of the nations there are new developments in the climate, specifically affecting the political climate. And then there is also the issue of the tree Israel cut down. ... More

Kingdom: Story of India (Pakistan).

13th Aug 2010, hej.

Queen Victoria became Empress of India in 1876. In the modern world in 1947 India gained independence or freedom from the British Empire. India's long history shows the poverty and disunity of independence and 'freedom' and the possible glory and peace of kingdom. ... More

The year 2016 & time of the End

8th Aug 2010, hej.

In the past, with great fervour, people have set dates for the Millenium, but they have passed. Does this mean that all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation? We can know this is not true as, for sure, the only thing certian is change. We pray 'thy kingdom come' and for our Lord's return. We think we are in the last days and the return is near. But how near is near? ... More

Dancing Soldiers & a Singing Army

16th Jul 2010, hej.

There was some footage placed on U-tube of 6 IDF soldiers dancing as a group on duty in Hebron, more often the scene of warfare as the city is a point of tension in Israel. It was swiftly taken down and the implication was that they would face discipline. If it is not considered good form that soldiers dance on duty, what would the world think of an army who goes into battle singing a love song? Which army? An army of Israel of course. ... More

Zionism or the Banner of Zion?

26th Jun 2010, hej.

What is Zionism if those that claim to be Zionist cannot be classified? Do the ideals of Herzl(1860-1904), fit with those Balfour (1848-1930), who self described himself as a 'Zionist', and do these have much in common with Rav Kook (1856-1935)? And what is Zion? ... More

Fearing Man or God?

19th Jun 2010, hej.

Let us ponder the power of God over our lives. 'Shall there be evil in a city and the LORD has not done it?' The fate of the sons of Israel shows that surely nothing has been done, of blessing, dispersal and regathering which had not been revealed to the servants the prophets (Amos 3:6-7). Who do we therefore fear? ... More