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Watchman: Fog, Earthquake, Thunder & Fire

17th Nov 2010, hej.

When Israel went to meet the power of the Mighty One when revealed at Sinai, there was cloud over the mountain, thunder, lightening, fire and the mountain quaked. ... More

Science: Light is Sweet

25th Oct 2010, hej.

The scriptures show again and again at every level deep truths. Modern science is beginning to appreciate the real significance of a point that is written as a fact by Solomon! We now know just how much seeing the light of the sun makes a difference in our lives. ... More

Watchman: God's answer to Sidon

21st Oct 2010, hej.

If it is remarkable that a stone slated to be thrown by Iran's leader at Israel, was prefigured long ago in the Scripture, be amazed at the reply given to the words hurled at Israel ... More

Watchman what of the night? Stone throwing Pt 5

13th Oct 2010, hej.

The events in the Middle East are now coming with such frequency that it seems we are indeed seeing the sands run in what little time there is left. A stone was slated to be thrown by Iran's leader at Israel, but it was prefigured long ago in the Scripture. ... More

Myrtus, Myrtle trees & Persia

5th Oct 2010, hej.

Quite a few sources are linking references to the Bible to the recent exposure of the computer 'worm' or 'virus' Stuxnet in June and its particular effect recently on systems in Iran, where on the 1st of October 2010 it is reported the damage is so great the Iranian president is vowing revenge on the US and Israel (Debkafile) . Several sources note that analysts have found a file path name with “myrtus” and “guava” both references to the myrtle tree (Glick, Aruntz Sheva.) ... More

Religious Earthquake: Haiti to Christchurch

4th Oct 2010, hej.

Yeshua's prophecy speaks of earthquakes in diverse places. Often people assume the prediction means an increase in quakes, but the prophecy does not require an increase statistical or in perception– but rather quakes in diverse places, those places not before known for quakes: quakes that are not on fault lines. Both the Haiti quake 12 January 2010 and the Christchurch quake on the 4 September 2010 were new faults, and there is an amazing symmetry. They speak of two churches. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Part 4

30th Aug 2010, hej.

With Britain's PM Cameron visiting Turkey, India and the United States we are seeing a revival of Britain's role in the Middle East, specifically in relationship to strengthening of a historic role in the Gulf states. This is linked to their role as a global merchant nation and the revival of London as the centre of world finance. ... More

Watchman: Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

28th Aug 2010, hej.

It is a saying to 'beware of Greeks bearing gifts'. In Greek legend Troy was taken by the Greek gift of a wooden horse. Interpreted as a peace gift, the people of Troy even put wheels on the wooden horse to take it within their gates, where famously the Greeks emerge while the people of Troy are celebrating 'peace'. ... More

Watchman: Era end as Anne Frank tree falls

25th Aug 2010, hej.

Recently we wrote in Watchman part 3 of the Cyprus tree felled by Israel and the confrontation with Lebanon which in the Bible is the Great Cedar. Shortly after we have a very significant incident where a wind gust broke the Anne Frank Tree in Amsterdam as if it were a matchstick. ... More

Watchman what of the night? Climate & Trees. Part 3

15th Aug 2010, hej.

In the night of the nations there are new developments in the climate, specifically affecting the political climate. And then there is also the issue of the tree Israel cut down. ... More