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2012, end of the world, what the Bible says

21st Dec 2012, hej.

The first point is that when God put the rainbow in the sky, he meant what he said to Noah. God promised to Noah in a covenant, “the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.” (Gen 9:12-15).

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Palestine … whose land is it?

3rd Dec 2012, gah.


Bible study is research into the unknown, one never knows where they will end up or what conclusions they will draw at the end.  Such is true for me in this journey, the findings were not quite what I thought they would be! ... More

Sandy Storm USA: Awe Inspiring

2nd Nov 2012, hej.

A storm that does things never before seen by this generation: a late summer hurricane meeting an early winter storm,bringing lightning, winds, floods and snow. A storm that seems to target the most populated parts of the USA, New Jersey, New York City and the coasts, including Long Island. It targets these areas just as USA goes to significant elections, when how Israel is treated is a factor.

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Why Lightning is a challenge

28th Oct 2012, hej.

This article is going to perhaps test you a little. Is it 'superstitious' to believe the God of the Bible can cause lightning, and might more often than not do so, or is it ignorance to believe science has the answers?

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Two Quakes: Zion and Rome

24th May 2012, hej.

There are quakes occurring in diverse places. Recently there were two similar magnitude quakes in Italy and Israel within a week. Rome and Zion. They may speak of events occurring there.

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Black Hole Caught Red Handed stealing Star

13th May 2012, hej.

This article is speculative, and based on the correlation between natural events and political events in the book of Daniel and Revelation, and the symbolic language of the prophets.

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Planets: Venus, a Wandering Star

27th Apr 2012, hej.

Recent findings suggest once again that science reveals how much is not known. Venus was found to have a longer day than was measured by the Magellan in the early 1990's: a noticeably and significantly longer day. The motion in the universe might be more quixotic than many had thought.

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Free Book for Limited Time: Petition for Migron

13th Apr 2012, hej.

Jews are now counting the 7 weeks until Shavuot (the feast of Weeks), known to Christians as Pentecost. ... More

This Year Jerusalem: Passover

11th Mar 2012, hej.

This article is the synthesis of a few thoughts. It is speculative. Is this Passover to be a time of deliverance?

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Adam to Messiah

14th Feb 2012, hej.

I like sharing interesting things. This article comes from a recollection of my Hebrew teacher from Jerusalem based eTeacher and features the beauty of the Hebrew Language.

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