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Random thoughts on Bible topics.


When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

25th Jan 2006, sjh.
The accounts of the death of Jesus are surprising in just how weak he seems to be. We know from his earlier miracles that he was capable of so many things, and could defeat enemies, but yet here we see him as defeated under the strength of the opposition. Of his crucifixion, it was recorded, ... More

Return to Me, says God

20th Dec 2005, sjh.
The book of Zechariah starts with an appeal by God at around 500BC for the people of Israel to return to him. For many years God had persisted with those people even though they often failed to obey him. But still, God continued with them, punishing them for their evil and calling them to return to him. Without ever lowering His own expectations, he continually reached out to them and reiterated that they would eventually obey him and be blessed. ... More

We Should Love One Another.

19th Dec 2005, sjh.
The first epistle of John quite strongly emphasises the importance of having love for other people. It is placed as being one of the central attributes that someone must have in order to even be able to accept or to understand God. Modern society has a whole range of understandings of what love is, or how it may be expressed. They may vary among ideas that include lust, and simply making people happy. The views of our society will affect our initial response, so we need to take care to find the real interpretation. ... More

God Is Light, No Darkness At All

16th Dec 2005, sjh.
One symbol used of God in the Bible is that he is ``light'' and that his word sheds light to the world. Then equivalently, the lack of God in one's life is equivalent to being in darkness. In 1 John 1:5 it says that in God there is no darkness at all. This suggests that in the symbol, among the world we can expect to see a mixture of light and dark, and that mixing can give a false sense of security to society as a whole. ... More

New Heavens and a New Earth

15th Dec 2005, sjh.
2 Peter 3 contains a vivid image about how the heavens and earth will pass away and be burnt up. The focus of the chapter is to demonstrate the reality of it by using the great flood of Genesis as an example of how something similar has already happened. This is a useful reminder, but also the comparison can give some insight into the nature of this destruction and what the new earth will be like. ... More

Santa Claus and Christianity

14th Dec 2005, sjh.
The Christmas festival is a mixture of many traditions and ideas. In recent times the principal figurehead has been Santa Claus, portrayed as a likeable character who has the capability and willingness to give gifts. Parents are encouraged to deceive their children into believing that Santa Claus really exists, but in doing so, are they teaching a false god to their children? ... More

To move heaven and earth: Economic confidence

, hej.

Does faith have anything to do with the economy? This present crisis shows it does. Business “confidence” is a measure of an economy. Kevin Rudd the Prime minister of Australia describes the answer to Australian loss of confidence as a need 'to move heaven and earth'. ... More