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Changer of Times

6th Jan 2015, hej.

It is fitting at the beginning of the new calendar year to consider its origins. It doesn't match the Biblical new year, because the times were changed. ... More

Signs of the times: leaven of the Pharisees

3rd Aug 2014, hej.

This article explores why we might wish to “Watch!” as we were commanded by Jesus, pronouced Y'shua. The signs we see and how we might see them are directed by our attitudes and viewpoint. Many people miss facts that are blindingly obvious, even facts which might eventually impact on their lives.

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Psalm 96 Thine is the Kingdom O Yahweh!

29th Jun 2014, mgh.

The Messiah taught his disciples to pray and an important aspect of this prayer is the reference to the “Kingdom”, twice, as recorded by Matthew (Matt 6:9-13). In this prayer the Father's name is hallowed and to him is to be attributed all power and glory.

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Prisoners & the joy of release

12th Apr 2014, hej.

The Bible uses powerful word pictures, and the one of the prisoner waiting for release is of great importance for our lives. At the time of Passover it is worthwhile considering the prisoner with the idea of the joy of freedom.

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Kiev-Crimea, why?

2nd Mar 2014, hej.

From here to where? ... More

Antarctic Summer: 'Unlucky' Ice-in

3rd Jan 2014, hej.

There is much said in the Bible about the God of the Bible controlling the winds, clouds and storms. The servants of God who seek safety, must be protected from storm, and must believe it is in God's power to control stormy wind. With the rescue of an Anglo-Australian team from a Russian research ship, via a Chinese ship, the words of the psalmist come to mind, “Praise the LORD from the earth, ye dragons, and all deeps: Fire, and hail; snow, and vapour; stormy wind fulfilling his word:” (Psa 148:7-8)

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Special Sheep: What God made

15th Dec 2013, hej.

The case of a man who is fighting to keep his pet sheep, and is likely to go backrupt over it, in Greater Dandenong City Council, Melbourne, Australia raised a question: what is so special in the man-sheep relationship? Is it in fact deeper and stronger than the man -dog relationship? So what does the Bible say? It says a lot.

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7 times pass over him: the decree of the Watchers

8th Dec 2013, hej.

The king of Babylon was made as a beast for 7 years (times), and was a witness to all generations, that the living may know that the Most High rules in the nations.

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Ultimate JFK Conspiracy Theory: 50 years on

20th Nov 2013, hej.

The following is utterly speculative, and investigates based on known facts how and why God might have brought about the removal of JFK in the light of what has been said in the Bible about who rules in the nations.

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Capernaum: A place of rest

19th Oct 2013, seh.

The beauty of the Bible is that it has little pictures within little pictures. Take the eyewitness account of what happened after the feeding of the 5000 on the grassy mountain side, when Jesus, pronouced Y'shua, walks on water.

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