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Beauty in Creation

9th Oct 2011, hej.

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Watchman: Royals, Osama, US & NZ Tornadoes

5th May 2011, hej.

Tornadoes 'Finger of God'

This year has brought a specific kind of disaster. A commentator linked the earthquake in Christchurch to the tsunami in Japan to the recent devastation of the tornadoes in US Alabama. In each of them the result was houses and possessions left as timber matchsticks over a wide area, cars moved like toys and many lives lost. They were also measured as economic disasters. They all affected affluent western nations and the devastation might to make each person ponder, why them.

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Royal Wedding: Britain. Christening: Denmark

15th Apr 2011, hej.

Meaning of Names & Trumpets

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Earthquake, Libya, Russia & Britain

6th Mar 2011, hej.

Events in the natural world are mirroring the political world. There is a curious juxtaposition of the Earthquake in Christchurch NZ and the almost unexpected political earthquake in Libya. It is very significant as Libya is mentioned in the Bible ... More

Keeping days & Feasts: St Valentines Day

14th Feb 2011, hej.

We live in a society which has values, which are very different to God's and they rub off on us (for more see the new value set .

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Edge of disorder: Egypt & weather

4th Feb 2011, hej.

What do we make of hurricanes, cyclones and massive rain events that lead to regional flooding, or other extreme weather? What do we make of sporadic civil disorder? They are not merely connected by the current conjunction of extreme weather, including dramatic flooding in Brazil, snowstorms and a category 5 Cyclone in Australia (Hurricane) and unrest in Egypt and the Middle East. The following is a rather profound argument from a theory of mathematics, which implies the Power of God over our lives at every level.

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The much maligned Vulture

14th Jan 2011, hej.

The saga of a lone Griffon Vulture has made the news. “It's a bird, it's a shark, it's a Mossad Spy”. Such an incident is not unimportant. The incident shows more than mere ignorance, a struggle Israel battles globally. How you react to the mention of a vulture, might speak deep volumes about what you think of Israel and your attitude to war.

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Behemoth, Leviathan, Dinosaurs & Creation

5th Jan 2011, hej.

There is much evidence that great animals existed in the past, much larger than the largest found today. There is also some evidence of extinction, even in recorded history. Some ask 'were all animals that have ever lived on this earth all part of this creation?' This is a short consideration of what the Bible says.

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Ashkelon: Roman statutes and Russian gas

17th Dec 2010, hej.

On the 15th December 2010 was announced a Roman statue from a bathhouse had been unearthed by storms in the Mediterranean,

Standing 1.2 meters (4 feet) tall, the statue was found in the remains of a cliff that had crumbled under the gale-force winds. Discovered near the ancient port after the tides had returned to normal, an official with the Israel Antiquities Authority said the statue will be displayed in various museums.
Dated to approximately 1,800 to 2,000 years ago – the period in which the Romans occupied western Judea -- the statue weighed 200 kg (440 lb) and had no head or arms.
“The sea gave us this amazing statue,” Yigal Israeli, a researcher with the Israel Antiquities Authority told the Reuters news service. He added that other artifacts may have washed out into the ocean due to the same storm, however.
Fragments of mosaics and bits from a Roman bath house were also recovered at the site Israelnationalnews
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Flight in the Bible

12th Dec 2010, hej.

Someone not familiar with the Bible asked if it had prophesied flight. The Bible is a modern book in the sense that it is still relevant, not just for moral principles, but in that it seems to have pre-figured much of modern technology. ... More