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Standing where it ought not

17th May 2009, hej.

There was much debate about Benedict XVI's visit to Israel. Was it really just a personal visit, as he represents the Vatican state no matter what he does? Then there was the issue of sovereignty over six (6) sites, which sounds very like state business. The issue of sovereignty has profound implications. ... More

A Land that Devours: Isarel at 61

14th May 2009, hej.

Remembering May 14, 1948. Today is an anniversary of the declaration of the state of Israel. A time to remember why it was established. To remember why the call went out for a place where Jews could freely be Jews. A place for the people no nation on earth wanted. ... More

Three Personality Types

8th May 2009, hej.

The Bible doesn't contain theoretical analysis such as the Myers-Briggs personality test, rather it shows us people in action, where their character is demonstrated by their decisions. ... More

The Law, Hygiene: Swine Flu

2nd May 2009, hej.

The Swine Flu outbreak reveals some issues that are worthy for a society to ponder. The events illustrate just how advanced the law of Moses was and also how it could prevent needless death- even today! ... More

The last supper: number 13

13th Apr 2009, hej.

There is one myth that has no foundation: it is a total myth that having 13 at the last supper was unlucky. Also the term 'last supper' does not occur at all in any reputable translation of the Bible. It was not the last time Jesus will keep that supper. ... More

Names: the spirit of an era

3rd Apr 2009, hej.

Is there more to a name?

Names as a Sign long ago

... More

Creation, Darwin 150 years

28th Mar 2009, hej.

Creation, Darwin: variation of the Origin the species

This year 2009 is the year of Darwin, not the place in Australia but the man (John Clements Wickham named "Port Darwin" in honour of his former shipmate Charles Darwin). ... More

Heart and Mind

15th Mar 2009, hej.

Emotion and Intellect

... More

How news makes a crisis

4th Mar 2009, hej.

How news makes a crisis

News is not a merely a neutral report of events. ... More

To move heaven and earth: Economic confidence

4th Feb 2009, hej.

Does faith have anything to do with the economy? This present crisis shows it does. Business “confidence” is a measure of an economy. Kevin Rudd the Prime minister of Australia describes the answer to Australian loss of confidence as a need 'to move heaven and earth'. ... More