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In Defence of Martha

15th Dec 2015, mgh.

Many commentators criticise Martha for a lack of interest in the teachings of the Messiah and that she made an unfair request for Mary's help. They say that Martha was being severely rebuked by Y'shua and that Mary was the more earnest disciple. This is based on the following brief account given in Luke 10, but aspects of this account which reveal a different view of Martha, are possibly overlooked.

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Self Esteem?

2nd Mar 2015, hej.

We may very well think that it is good thing to be proud of something, or to have self esteem, even if we may be wary of sinful pride.

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22nd Sep 2014, mgh.

The book of Proverbs is indeed a book which deals with advice for living and the development of an acceptable life-style. There is emphasis on relationships with friends, acquaintances, family and parents.

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20th Aug 2014, hej.

There are men who God loved because of their zeal. Elijah is one of them. In Hebrew his name is Eliyahu- meaning 'Yah is my God'.

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Psalms 46,47,48 Hope in a time of political Trouble

11th May 2014, mgh.

It was promised that there will be peace on earth...

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1st Jan 2014, gah.

What is praise music? What is worship? How can we please God in Worship? What does the Bible say about music and worship.

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Daily Bread

9th Nov 2013, hej,mgh.

There are great themes in the scripture. By taking three passages and comparing them we can see an idea that occurs not just once, but may times. ... More

Philadelphia or Philanthropy?

27th Jul 2013, hej.

This article was born as it was found that the Greek word from which we have philanthropy, philanthropos, only occurs once in the Bible, with the noun form philanthrōpia occurring only twice. Even more intriguing we found that much is said about 'philadelphia' the Greek word for brotherly love.

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26th Nov 2012, mgh.

Mary, the mother of our Lord is often so vernated, she is not understood as a real person and therefore her influence as a great example is lost. When we are told that Jesus 'grew and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom' (Luke 2:40), we might think of, “the words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him.” (Proverbs 31:1 cp 29:15), and psalm 22, “thou did make me to hope when I was upon my mother's breasts”

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13th Oct 2012, mgh.

This article is written in thanks to Yahweh for help given in modern medicine, and for a measure of healing. The writer, unknown to herself, had heart failure. It seemed like pneumonia, as one of the symptoms is retention of water in the lungs and elsewhere, and then the feet began weeping the fluid through open sores. We trusted and prayed for help. Medical help was given from of all things, results from a test not done correctly. She has been helped much. We thank Yahweh. Also it is soon Thanksgiving in the USA.

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