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Names Divinely Appointed

12th Jun 2004, hej,seh,mgh.

The Bible contains many names which have meanings. However the Biblical records show that few were Divinely appointed names. Those who were given Divinely appointed names have all played an important role in God's plan and purpose with man and the earth. ... More

Praying Towards Jerusalem

30th Jan 2004, hej.

Why do we orient ourselves in prayer? ... More

A Promised Future Temple

30th Jan 2004, seh,mgh.

Where there is no Vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 ... More

Solomon's Prayer

30th Jan 2004, seh, mgh.

Many years ago a powerful monarch lived who would be envied by many because his prayer, on an important state occasion, was publicly acknowledged by his God.

... More

To Be & To Become – Revealed in Genesis

27th Dec 2003, hej.

The Name of YHWH does not appear in Genesis One. However He is evident in the action. ... More

Psalm 133

18th Dec 2003, hej.

Psalm 133 is one of the shortest Psalms. It is also possibly one of the most misunderstood psalms. This analysis will show that it is far from being a 'nice' platitude about unity, but rather is a serious statement with doctrinal implications. ... More

Time of the End

15th Jul 2003, hej.

The first section reproduces Isaac Newton's comment on Daniel. In the second section this is analysed in the light of 400 years of history. ... More

Old and New Testaments Equally Important

, seh,mgh.

Jesus and the Apostles Declare the Prophets of Israel are Relevant ... More