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New Heavens and New Earth

17th Dec 2005, seh,mgh.

The earth will not be destroyed when Christ returns. This is the promise that is found in the Bible. ... More

The Tents Of Kedar

16th Nov 2005, hej.

The Hebrew Psalmist explains the Arabian character and prophesies the current Middle Eastern situation. ... More

Armageddon and the Valley of Jehoshaphat

27th Sep 2005, seh.

What is Armageddon? The following are the details of the biblical explanation. ... More

The Tents of Shem

22nd Jul 2005, hej.

The Scriptures have an overall consistency, making it the most extraordinary book. Despite a time scale of over two thousand years, it is as if Genesis is the introduction to all that follows. This article will discus just one example: Noah’s prophecy. ... More

Spies, Espionage and Faith

17th Jul 2005, hej.

This article will consider the providence for faith building in two incidents where Israeli spies are sent. ... More

Providence with Kings.(2 Kings 8)

17th Jul 2005, hej.

A chance investigation of a passage in 2 Kings chapter 8 showed astounding links of providence working for good ... More

Earthquake, Thunder and Darkness

17th Jul 2005, hej.

Catastrophe is feared and considered an 'act of God', an examination of the scriptures shows, however, that what seem to be descriptions of catastrophe speak merely of political events. The question will be asked, does catastrophe have any significance to the bible student? ... More

The EARTH will not be Destroyed When The MESSIAH RETURNS

24th Jun 2005, seh, mgh.

The burning and destruction of the earth is not the destiny of this planet. This article will demonstrate that Isaiah, the prophet, deals extensively with the future of this planet. ... More

Our Merciful GOD Is A Consuming FIRE

16th Nov 2004, mgh.

The Bible shows bo the goodnes and severity of GOD. ... More

Psalm 149

16th Nov 2004, mgh.

Psalm 149 creates a vision of events related to the coming kingdom, which will be established on this earth when the Messiah returns to rule this earth in righteousness. ... More