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Jesus (Yeshua):The Carpenter

11th Jan 2009, hej.

A different way of seeing the work of Messiah ... More

Why we have a rainbow: its origin & meaning

5th Jan 2009, hej.

If we think of the science we may miss the meaning ... More


17th Oct 2008, hej.

Revealing what the Bible realy says about paradise ... More

The City the Holy

30th Jul 2008, hej.

An architect compares New Jerusalem and Ezekiel's Temple ... More

Bees, Shells and Design in Nature

7th Jul 2008, mgh,hej.

The weight of observational evidence of design indicates a designer ... More

The house of God

5th May 2008, hej,mgh.

The spiritual hosue of Yahweh is accompained by a physical house. ... More

War, Earthquake then World Peace

4th May 2008, mgh.

This is world news before it happens. The Bible predicts the location of the most devasting Earthquake the world will ever see. Bigger than the 2004 Boxing day earthquake. More devastating than any images of Armageddon. ... More

Passover and Messiah

12th Mar 2008, gh.

What links the Passover to the Death and ressurection of Messiah? ... More

Matthew 10:42 & The Cup of Cold

3rd Mar 2008, hej.

The power of the scriptures can be seen in verses that may at first seem of small importance. ... More

Habakkuk's dialogue with Deity

1st Mar 2008, hej.

Evil verus God. God explains the final outcome. ... More