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Sons of Greece & the Sons of Zion

17th Oct 2009, hej.

... More

Failure of Saul & the deliverer Jonathan: The redemption pattern

6th Sep 2009, hej.

The Bible is full of the redemption pattern, the pattern of salvation in Yeshua. The account given in 1 Samuel 13 and 14 at first reading appears a very frank account of a messy event 2 years into the reign of Saul. ... More

Times Appointed Part 2

20th Aug 2009, hej.

We examine the time periods given in Revelation 11, 17 and Daniel 7 in their context, looking at both what is predicted and the relevant history. ... More

Times Appointed Part 3

20th Aug 2009, hej.

This section examines the prediction of Messiah's first comming of Daniel 9, the meaning of the 'week', the jubile. The historical fulfillment of the times of the desolator of the Holy Land in Daniel 12. We also analyse the Olivet prophecy and the signs in the sun and the moon. ... More

Times Appointed Part 1

20th Aug 2009, mgh,hej.

This is first part in a series on the time periods given in the Bible, especially those relating to the end times of the current order of things and the return of the Messiah (Anointed). ... More

The earthquake in the days of Uzziah

25th Jul 2009, hej,seh.

The Bible is quite a long document and in many places has double or triple testimony. Thus God asks us to compare accounts. He could have given us one gospel account for example, but he did not. ... More

The Redeemer in the book of Ruth

24th May 2009, seh,mjh.

The Bible, as no other book, is layered in rich detail, with every page speaking of salvation. Real events of the life of Ruth recorded in the Bible, remarkably, show the pattern of redemption. ... More

Jesus (Yeshua):The Carpenter

11th Jan 2009, hej.

A different way of seeing the work of Messiah ... More

Why we have a rainbow: its origin & meaning

5th Jan 2009, hej.

If we think of the science we may miss the meaning ... More