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The three signs of Moses

26th Feb 2012, hej.

The ten plaugues overshadow the fact that Moses was given three signs to show to the children of Israel to prove that he was to lead them to their redemption from slavery. Two of those signs later were shown to Pharaoh and the Egyptian court. The three signs speak of aspects of redemption.

... More

The Ark of the Covenant

20th Feb 2012, gah.

A short article deeply considering the the role of the Ark in Israel, and the role of worship in our lives through practical example. ... More

A Broken Spirit

29th Jan 2012, hej.

There is a pattern in scripture, that the servants of God, without exception go through trial. In addition, some remarkable people are given an extra-ordinary experience. ... More

Deep Agreement: Ahaziah king of Judah, 22 or 42?

4th Oct 2011, hej.

The imprint of truth is that there is superficial contradiction and deeper consistency. Every human has a different viewpoint, and no two witnesses in a court trial independently will give the same account of events. If there is striking agreement between two witnesses there might be collusion. The case of Ahaziah shows how an apparent contradiction might reveal a deeper truth. ... More

The King's Donkey

25th Sep 2011, hej.

Jesus may have fulfilled the prophecy that the Messiah is to come riding on a donkey, but he did not fulfill the context. There is a powerful argument that he will come again riding on a donkey leading a colt into Jerusalem. ... More

Acanthus: Greek Culture

8th Jun 2011, hej.

The stylised Acanthus is everywhere. As a decoration it is a tracer wherever it appears of the Greek cultural influence inherited from Rome. It has a sobering meaning. ... More

The Quiet Sensitive God

19th May 2011, hej.

People have heard of the God of Israel being described as Jealous, they have read that his voice may thunder, but it seems people may miss that Yahweh Elohim loves quiet in his dwelling. ... More

Easter: A hybrid feast

21st Apr 2011, mgh.

Should Christians keep Easter? The following argues why Christians might keep the Jewish Passover if they chose 'unto the Lord', but why they should never keep Easter. ... More

ANZAC Day: The sacrifice at Gallipoli

16th Apr 2011, hej.

Every year in remembrance of the first battle of Gallipoli on April 25, it is said of those who died that their lives were given in sacrifice. ... More

The Patented Perfumes

11th Apr 2011, hej.

Our Mighty God who loves the scent of obedience, and the taste of a beautiful memory. Consider the Holy One of Isarel who smells a sweet savour. ... More