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The Torah: The book of Wisdom?

2nd Feb 2008, hej.

This article will propose that the Law of Moses, is in fact fundamentally about wisdom ... More

Psalm 23 Comfortable vs Comfort

3rd Jan 2008, hej.

It is possible when reading Psalm 23 to focus on the comfort, but this has an intriguing flip side. ... More

Luke 22:36 Peace & Taking the Sword

3rd Dec 2007, hej.

The scriptures have statements that not only have two sides, but are also double edged. ... More

John 3:16 & The Other Side of Love

3rd Nov 2007, mgh.

This well known verse is examined to reveal the other 'side of the coin' for consideration. ... More

The Grape Vine

8th Oct 2007, hej.

The household grapevine gives understanding of how this symbol relates to Israel ... More

This Generation 1967 - 2007

12th Jun 2007, seh, mgh.

2007 ends a 40 year generation period begining with the year that marked the beginning of the era of Protest. ... More

The Fig Tree

12th May 2007, seh, mgh.

There are amazing parallels with the life of the Fig Tree and prophecy regarding Israel and the growth of nationalism. ... More

Review: Eugene H Peterson's THE MESSAGE

1st Apr 2007, hej.

Consider, from a critical Bible scholar's viewpoint, reviews Eugene H Peterson's The Message® is a paraphrase of the Bible from the original languages to “contemporary language”. ... More

History of Holocaust

9th Mar 2007, hej.

Some argue the holcaust shows God does not exist but these people do not undertsand the powerful lesson that the very use of this Greek word teaches the world. ... More

Lead up to Armageddon and beyond

27th Feb 2007, hej.

The Prophecy of the Bible gives a lot of detail about the events thatwill bring the world to Armageddon ... More