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Future Temple

10th Mar 2013, hej.

Many Jews may expect that Solomon's temple might be re-built again. Some might expect that the temple might look like it did in the days of Herod. ... More

The Making of the World

28th Feb 2013, hej.

For a while now I have been dissatisfied with explanations to rebut Evolution. Over a year ago I was asked by someone to think upon how I would answer in favour of the Bible account of creation. ... More

Comparison of “in the beginning” and the “a new heaven and a new earth”

8th Dec 2012, gah.

Three times in the Bible we are introduced to the creation of the heavens and earth. The first instance is in Genesis, the second is by the prophet Isaiah and the third is in Revelation. ... More

The great day of Jezreel

14th Nov 2012, hej.

Is there anything to be gleaned from the scriptures regarding Jezreel? Is it to be part fo Armageddon?

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Why Ezekiel 38 refers to the nation Rosh /Ros

23rd Sep 2012, hej.

There is some debate about whether Russia is named in the Bible. Many nations that exist today were named in prophecy. There is some eviednce that Russia is named, actually taking on a name that was given to them before they themselves chose it.

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Paul's Example

25th Aug 2012, mgh.

When people set out to write about the Bible they often make little reference to what is written in the Bible itself. They try to express what the Bible is saying in their own words and often end up confusing their readers. The Apostle Paul has very definite views on how to teach people to understand the Bible and he demonstrates this in his writings very clearly.

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Why is Psalm 145 missing a verse?

29th Jul 2012, hej.

Psalm 145 is an alphabetic acrostic, but in the Masoretic Hebrew text it is missing the Hebrew letter 'nun'. Some more modern English translations add a verse, following the Catholic translations and Septuagint. The following will argue that there are powerful reasons why this letter was left out, and why the Masoretic Hebrew text is accurate.

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When Isaiah Walked Naked 3 years (1080 days)

24th Jun 2012, hej.

Isaiah 20 might be read and passed over. It seems at first glance about events which are totally historical. From this prophecy Isaiah's reputation as a prophet was established in his own lifetime, as it was fulfilled in his lifetime. For this reason alone it is important. In the prophecy Isaiah acted out the events. Let us pause and consider what this acting out might indicate.

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The Holy Land to Israel: 1922 to 1967

12th Jun 2012, hej.

The following combines the work of an expert in the international law in relationship to Israel's establishment with a curiosity of Daniel's prophecy.

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The deliverance of Purim

8th Mar 2012, hej.

The feast of Purim, is one of joy for deliverance in events that unfolded due to God-guided Providence in a time of exile with no open vision. We may ponder how God works in the nations, and hopefully in our lives

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