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Elizabeth 1 & 11 The Oath of El

11th Sep 2016, gah.

The crown placed on the head of Elizabeth 11 is thought to contain 4 pearls from Elizabeth 1. There seem some interesting parallels between the 2 Elizabethan ages.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Amos-6 satellite Anomaly: What it says

4th Sep 2016, hej.

Whoa! Has the Creator made a comment?

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Signs of the times: leaven of the Pharisees

3rd Aug 2014, hej.

This article explores why we might wish to “Watch!” as we were commanded by Jesus, pronouced Y'shua. The signs we see and how we might see them are directed by our attitudes and viewpoint. Many people miss facts that are blindingly obvious, even facts which might eventually impact on their lives.

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The three signs of Moses

27th Feb 2012, hej.

The ten plaugues overshadow the fact that Moses was given three signs to show to the children of Israel to prove that he was to lead them to their redemption from slavery. Two of those signs later were shown to Pharaoh and the Egyptian court. The three signs speak of aspects of redemption.

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Luke 21, the Olivet Prophecy

15th May 2010, hej.

Watchman what of the night? Part1

16th Mar 2010, hej.

In Isaiah a watchman is asked about what he sees. It is contained in the prophecy of Dumah (Al Jawf of Arabia in North Saudi Arabia near the Jordanian border). Dumah (Arabia) is asked to look for any enemy by those in Seir. ... More

The Watchman

7th Mar 2010, seh,mgh.

We are told, "Watch therefore: for you know not what hour your Lord does come". (Matthew 24:42 Also Matt 25:13, Parable of the ten Virgins). But what do we watch for? This artile presents radical evidence that equates signs in the natural world with signs in the political world. ... More

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