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The three signs of Moses

27th February 2012, hej


1) The three signs given to Moses

Moses was shown three signs to show to the children of Israel to prove that he was to lead them to their redemption from slavery. All of these signs speak of redemption. But only two of those signs were later were shown to Pharaoh and the Egyptian court.

At the burning bush when given the task of leading Isarel Moses answered Yahweh and said,

“But, behold, they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The LORD hath not appeared unto thee.” Exodus 4:1

Yahweh well knew the people and gives Moses three signs.

The Serpent

Moses was first shown the sign of his rod, no doubt his shepherd's staff, becoming a serpent. From this serpent Moses runs away. But Moses is told to then take up the serpent by its tail. It then becomes a rod again.

We are introduced to a serpent in scripture in the garden. The serpent was a created creature, and was created 'good.' It was punished for its lie, showing culpability. The serpent has since that time stood for people who would lie in a similar way. That species of serpent lost its legs and also its speech so it would never be a problem again. Yet there was to be a class of people who would lie, in a similar manner. To underline the point Moses must have known that Pharoah wore on his head the symbol of the serpent. Yahweh said to all that there would be enmity between the seed of the serpent and Eve's seed. The serpent seed would take the seed of the woman by the heel, yet the seed of the woman would crush the serpent's head. Moses flees knowing it would bite him in the heel, yet with the power of Yahweh Moses reaches out and grasps it in his hand and it becomes harmless.

In fact it becomes the rod he leans on. In the same way our Lord's death, though brought to pass by liars, allowed him to triumph over them, even bringing them their own redemption if they chose to lean on it.

Healing of Leprosy

The second sign is that Moses is asked to put his hand into his chest, and it comes out leprous. He then puts it back in to his chest and it comes out clean. We are reminded that Yahweh proclaimed “I am Yahweh your healer” (Exodus 16:26). The Hebrew expression in Exodus 16 is often regarded as a title of Deity, transliterated as 'Yahweh Ropheka'.

Only he can heal us. Our Lord is particularly known for healing lepers(Matt 8:2, Mark 1:40). We know of Simon the leper. The law had a special place for healing leprosy, as it was associated with all uncleaness. Paul articulates the point that out Lord suffered without the camp (Hebrews 13:13). The uncleaness of leprosy meant the sufferers had to go without the camp (Numbers 5:2-3). Uncleanness was associated with sin, Paul wrote our Lord was made sin for us (2 Cor 5:21). He was 'convicted' as a sinner and shared his death with convicted criminals, yet in the association with this uncleanness, the death, in baptism we have the opportunity to be healed, with eternal salvation. Namaan the leper was fully immersed. It was Moses's hand, by which things were done, which was put to the chest and came out clean. After the liar and sin is conquered and is forever made harmless, we are offered healing in the resurrection.

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.(Mal 4:2)

Water to Blood

The third sign was that the water was made blood. Moses showed this to Israel, and the three together convinced the children of Israel that Moses was indeed the deliverer from Yahweh. When our Lord was crucified from his side came out water (John 19:34). He said to his followers that they must partake of his flesh and drink of his blood (John 6:53). Redemption is through water, but it represents blood. Moses himself was drawn out of water. But the redemption of Eden was in being covered with skin after an animal was slain, which is through blood. As Israel was taught, the first born was redeemed with the shedding of blood. So in the last sign it was shown to all that salvation was to be given though the shedding of blood. Isarel had to put blood on their door posts so the firstborn was not slain in the last plague on all Egypt. Each person must be associated, or partake, of that life giving water of the word, which has as its focus the shedding of blood.

Only two signs to Egypt

It is to be noted that only two of those signs were shown to Pharaoh and the Egyptians. All the world may observe, as the Egyptians did the wonder of how the serpent had lost power. The people who lied to achieve a conviction of our Lord before Rome, were the very ones to witness how the gospel they despised and hoped to stop, spread throughout the known world within one generation. Their children from 66-73CE were witness the loss of all that power that their fathers had sought to keep. The world still wonders why the fame of that event still continues to be known. Just as the Egyptians were shown the water turned to blood, so the world still can see and wonder regarding how the obedient sacrifice changed lives, and still changes lives. The world also witnessed how the true servants (the 'heretics' of the 'dark ages') would not be silenced and how their blood was shed as they, like their Lord, were prepared to die.

There is no record that the Egyptians were shown the healed hand. Only for the people of the covenant is the hope of the healing hand of Yahweh Ropheka shown. Only towards the servants of Yahweh, may healing be offered, and the deliverer be believed on. Yet even for the people of the covenant there are many called and few chosen. It appears the majority, after Moses' first venture to Pharoah, when the service became harder, began to lose faith in Moses. The first plagues make no difference between Israelite and Egyptian. Then redemption from Egypt was only given if they believed Moses, killed a precious lamb and put the blood on their door post.

We may see the signs, and believe. It is not enough. We must continue to believe even though it seems things are worse for us, and even though great signs are shown about us. In the end we have to be obedient. Each of us must show our faith by our works, the equivalent of an act of faith, killing our lamb and placing the blood on our own door posts, and wait, knowing that Yahweh will do as he said he would.

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