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Concepts in God's Word displayed through short quotes.


Making himself equal with God, John 5:18

2nd Aug 2011, hej.

The scriptures are clear that Yeshua (Jesus) was sinless, being the perfect servant. Yet those in leadership in Israel had him killed precisely because they saw his growing leadership. They counted the number of followers and saw his remarkable doctrine, so superior to their human based doctrine, as a threat to their power. They developed some curious theology to justify their position. On a few occasions they tried to twist his simple statements of fact so they could accuse him of blasphemy. ... More

Glorify me with the Glory I had with thee, John 17:5

27th Jul 2011, hej.

We have been asked to comment on this passage. As always we explore the context. In this case the passage comes from a prayer containing a plea made by our Lord to his Father. The context and prayer from the perspective of Hebrew thought shows strong connections to the Old Testament. ... More

The Lord Will See, Provide, Genesis 22:8

3rd Jul 2011, hej.

One of the most moving incidents recorded in Genesis is where Abraham offers his son. Isaac was a special son promised him and given by miracle, yet Abraham willingly offered him. Then, at the moment of offering, a ram is provided. The result is that Abraham makes a curious statement about the place name. ... More

Receiving the end of your faith, the salvation of souls, 1 Peter 1:9

18th Jun 2011, seh.

We have been asked to write on the grace of God. Peter's first epistle conveys the simplicity of how we live our life and what salvation by grace really means. ... More

Thou hast the words of eternal life, John 6:66-69

11th Jun 2011, mgh.

The following words from John's Gospel can be an inspiration for us in times of difficulties and the burdens of life. The apostle Peter was convinced that Y'shua was the Messiah and he showed the way of salvation to those who would believe and hear his words. Peter had faith and believed that there was no other way to life beyond our mortal existence. ... More

Take no Gift, Exodus 23:8

26th Mar 2011, mgh.

There may be pleasure in being given a gift, but there is wisdom in undertsanding why some gifts should be refused. ... More

Powers of heaven shall be shaken, Luke 21: 24-31

12th Mar 2011, mgh.

In the past six months we have witnessed amazing events on this earth in very rapid succession. The northern hemisphere faced severe snow storms and extremely cold temperatures, there were floods and landslides in Brazil, extensive flooding followed by cyclones and bushfires in Australia, and two devastating earthquakes in New Zealand. ... More

Climate Change: The Bounds of the Sea, Jeremiah 5:22

27th Feb 2011, mgh.

Today one of the greatest fears facing the nations is 'climate change' and 'global warming'. There are fears among politicians and many people that some low lying islands and coastal land will be submerged or inundated by the sea as ice melts and the sea level rises. ... More

Virgin shall conceive: Immanuel, Isaiah 7:14

26th Sep 2010, hej.

The beauty of the scriptures, especially regarding this prophecy of the virgin who should conceive, is in the detail. When Matthew in speaking of the birth of Jesus (Yeshua) refers to a prophecy in Isaiah it is to be suspected that many look no further than the one verse. But the context to which Matthew is referring, which faithful Jews of the era would have known well, is a powerful prophecy. ... More

Israel shall abide many days without a king. Hosea 3:4

6th Aug 2010, hej.

For many the old Testament is challenging. However, the langauge is often simpler than the new Testament. Secular concepts may obscure a simple understanding. The prophecy of Hosea is one of the simplest, as we can see what is happening in Hosea's relationship and can equate that to events in the nation. ... More