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Concepts in God's Word displayed through short quotes.


Being in the form of God. Philippians 2:6

27th Mar 2010, hej.

Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God, (Philipians 2:6) ... More

Count the number of the beast 666. Revelation 13:18

27th Mar 2010, hej.

Revelation 13 and Revelation 17 both advise the reader to seek wisdom. The harlot 'woman' and 'the beast' have a connection to the city that sits on seven mountains, which historically has been identified with Rome, the great and powerful city. The beast here is identified by a number, six hundred and sixty six (666). ... More

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD: Deuteronomy 6:4

24th Mar 2010, hej.

This is a very well known statement made by Moses. Most recognise its importance. But do you recognise its significance? ... More

As long as the sun and moon endure. Psalm 72:5

12th Mar 2010, mgh.

Psalm 72:5 They shall fear you as long as the sun and moon endure, throughout all generations.
... More

He shall save the children of the needy. Psalm 72:4

12th Mar 2010, mgh.

Psalm 72:4 He shall judge the poor of the people, he shall save the children of the needy, and shall break in pieces the oppressor.
... More

God so loved the world. John 3:16

2nd Jan 2009, mgh.

There are 2 sides to the coin. Often a picture of a coin is published showing only one side. It has another side, but unless we see the original we can never know what is on the other side. ... More