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Psalm 96 Thine is the Kingdom O Yahweh!

29th Jun 2014, mgh.

The Messiah taught his disciples to pray and an important aspect of this prayer is the reference to the “Kingdom”, twice, as recorded by Matthew (Matt 6:9-13). In this prayer the Father's name is hallowed and to him is to be attributed all power and glory.

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Psalms 46,47,48 Hope in a time of political Trouble

11th May 2014, mgh.

It was promised that there will be peace on earth...

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Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth, Matthew 5:5

5th Mar 2012, mgh.

This quotation deals with two issues, “the meek” and “inheriting the earth”. The Old Testament gives a lot of detail about the qualities that define “meekness”. The first things that come to mind about a meek person are quietness, gentleness and possibly weakness. But the Old Testament is very explicit about the qualities a meek person should have or develop and these are quite surprising. ... More

Kingdom: Story of India (Pakistan).

13th Aug 2010, hej.

Queen Victoria became Empress of India in 1876. In the modern world in 1947 India gained independence or freedom from the British Empire. India's long history shows the poverty and disunity of independence and 'freedom' and the possible glory and peace of kingdom. ... More

The last supper: number 13

13th Apr 2009, hej.

There is one myth that has no foundation: it is a total myth that having 13 at the last supper was unlucky. Also the term 'last supper' does not occur at all in any reputable translation of the Bible. It was not the last time Jesus will keep that supper. ... More

Kingdom of God

15th Apr 2008, mgh.

This is the good news, the future. Your future, but only if you want it. ... More

Psalm 149

16th Nov 2004, mgh.

Psalm 149 creates a vision of events related to the coming kingdom, which will be established on this earth when the Messiah returns to rule this earth in righteousness. ... More

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