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When Isaiah Walked Naked 3 years (1080 days)

24th June 2012, hej


3) Isaiah's witness was also before Jews

The Jews were involved as the Jews of Safed were targeted by those revolting against the Egyptians in 1834. Co-incidentally there was a massive earthquake in Safed in 1837 that only left one synagogue standing and the wall of the Torah scrolls the other synagogue. There was a 3 day pogrom in the same city in 1838 related to the 1838 Turkish war against Egyptian rule. The result was counter-intuitive as Jews around the world began taking a strong interest in building in Safed.

Isaiah's prophecy was not irrelevant at the time to Jews, as Judah foolishly relied on Egypt and Ethiopia, despite the prophecy. It was not irrelevant to Jews in the era that brought the Romans to power as once again Egypt was shown to be unreliable and no match for other powers. The prophecy was also later to be relevant to Jews on the basis of a day for a year, for all the time Egypt was subjected. The overall situation has much to do with Jews as many Jews lived in these areas, including in Egypt and Ethiopia and they were subjected to being 'dhimmis' ('one whose responsibility has been taken' which is another way of saying that they are a servant, as if one has responsibility one has power and can rule). Though it seemed things were not different the years1830-1838 might be seen to have brought a significant change to the 'coasts' of the land called Palestine (Philistine) that Isaiah had spoken of. It contributed to the English occupation with the Eastern Question. In 1844 the Western powers, notably England, led Turkey to issue edict relating to religious toleration to all (nations) within their borders.

Jews had sought with some messianic fervour to return to Jerusalem in 1700. They began to build a Synagogue, but could not pay the debt and it led to their expulsion from Jerusalem in 1720 and the destruction of the synagogue in 1721- giving it the name Hurva or 'ruin'. But Jews had returned and under Ibrahaim Pasha were allowed to begin building again which they did in 1836 (completed in 1856). This is highly significant as this date then marks the rebuilding of the 'ruin', and coincides with the beginning the emancipation of Jews in Europe and elsewhere, so that they might hold positions of power. It was in 1837, the year Victoria became Queen of Britain, that Disraeli was first elected, becoming Prime Minster in 1868. He was to have significant influence in the British connection to Egypt.

The Hurva Synagogue has an odd postcript. It means 'ruin' and retained that name despite being rebuilt, but it was destroyed again in 1948 by Jordan's Arab Legion. It remained a ruin from 1967 with only an arch commemorating it after 1977. It was rebuilt from 2000, opening again in 2010, but having been built in the old style it has not escaped its name 'Hurva', meaning 'ruin'.

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The Revelation 12 Sign

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As the world becomes focussed on Israel and Jerusalem, with even nations leaders who remote from Israel having an opinion, we might consider that it is said that those who touch Jerusalem, touch God's eye.