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Why buy a Promised Land?

20th Oct 2009, hej.

Why did Israel have to buy and then fight for the promised land if it was promised to them? Why were they not just given it? ... More

Failure of Saul & the deliverer Jonathan: The redemption pattern

6th Sep 2009, hej.

The Bible is full of the redemption pattern, the pattern of salvation in Yeshua. The account given in 1 Samuel 13 and 14 at first reading appears a very frank account of a messy event 2 years into the reign of Saul. ... More

The Redeemer in the book of Ruth

24th May 2009, seh,mjh.

The Bible, as no other book, is layered in rich detail, with every page speaking of salvation. Real events of the life of Ruth recorded in the Bible, remarkably, show the pattern of redemption. ... More

Why we have a rainbow: its origin & meaning

5th Jan 2009, hej.

If we think of the science we may miss the meaning ... More

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