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Times Appointed Part 3

21st September 2023, hej


7) A summary of what Daniel was shown

In context Daniel Chapter 11 predicts how the kings of the North and the South will struggle over the Holy Land. Daniel is told there is a gap until the king of the South will push at the king of the North in the end times. Now we can see the end times began in 1882-1903 when Britain as the king of the South began to act (It was that very year of 1882 that British troops moved into Egypt to protect the Suez canal. The 1888 Convention of Constantinople in formally granted the British protection of the canal).

But this was not enough information. Daniel wanted to know when the end of foreign occupation of the land would occur. This would not happen all at once, so he was given two answers. The first was to the end of Ottoman rule and their return under protection, and the second was to full control of the land by Jews.

The 1290 years of Muslim “scattering” over the land ended when the Balkans rebelled in 1912 and the British as the King of the South proceeded to push at the Ottomans culminating in the action of 1915-1918 leading to the British capture of Jerusalem and the diplomatic work to 1922 when the British gained the Mandate over Palestine. In 1922 the desolator of the Holy Land was removed, and there was the promsie of a Jewish homeland, but as yet Daniel's people did not possess the land.

Then there is a lot waiting and work by Jewish and evangelical people to bring to pass the revival of nationhood. Conquest was gradual. Though Jerusalem was named as the capital in 1949, the parliament was in temporary housing. In 1957 moves began to build a permanent capital and it was completed in 1967 when Daniel's people, the Jews, claimed the rest of Jerusalem and the land of Ancient Northern Israel (Samaria). By 1967 we could see that the 1335 days began to be ended.

Let us see the start and end of the eras graphically overlaid - such a system would give hope to each generation that as they see the beginning they might see also the end.. We can have great hope now as we see that the last possible time of the nations has passed.

Blessed is he that waits

Why might those that come to the 1335 days be blessed if they wait and reach up or 'reach out to touch'? The 1290 days concluded with the beginning of the British Mandate that allowed the Balfour declaration to take effect. From this point every person who held onto the hope of Israel would feel they could almost touch the time of the return. The faith of their fathers had been made reality. People no longer pointed to the state of the Jews in persecuted diaspora as a sign, now their return was absolute confirmation that Yahweh would indeed do what he had said.

Those that reached to 1967 were also blessed in there being a visible reward for their labour as others would see the evidence and come to know the hope of Israel. But they were also blessed as they were given another prophecy by a greater prophet, Yeshua himself, that meant they could know for sure they were the generation to see his second coming.

Summary of the time periods so far

67 weeks

70th week (31BC midst of week)

The next 7 year 'week' ends

452BC Ezra

26/26 ministry

33/34 AD End




Jubilee based on 32 Artaxerxes being a 7th Sabbath week the next Jubilee is



Daniel's 2300 days (years) from the 'little horn' coming out of Grecian 'Goat'



2017 /9



Revelation 17, the prophecy of one hour 30 years from the agreement to give power to 'beast'





Daniel 7: 1260 years of the power that speaks great words until the kingdom

754 Pepin

756 Rome





Daniel 12 the power that scatters the holy people 1260 years



Daniel 12 the 1290- 1335 years

Blessed are those that come to 1335

622-632Abu Bakr

1912-1922 Mandate

1957-1967 Jewish rule

Note: events are over a few years giving a range for the start and the end.