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Times Appointed Part 3

21st September 2023, hej


9) The Second Generation

The prophecy speaks of a Generation. The first generation was from 31 to 70AD, which was shortened (Matthew 24:22, Mark 13:20) due to the grace of God as it was an era of of terrible trial, making 39 years.

The Biblical lifespan is 70 years, except 80 for reason of strength (Psalm 90:10). People were numbered for work, to go forth for war or serve Yahweh from 20 years (Exodus 38:26). This makes a generation of 50 years, from the time one group is replaced entirely by another. But some were numbered from 30 years specifically for service in the tabernacle (Numbers 4). This gives a generation of 40 years. A short generation for positions of leadership is 40 years and a long one counting from when the new generation begins to labour is 50 years. This is borne out in Matthew

So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations. (Matthew 1:17)

Abraham to David is 1896 - 1085 or 57.9 years, David to Babylon is 1085-586 which is 35.6 years, Babylon to the Birth of Messiah is 586- 4BC which gives 41.5 years. This gives an average of 45 years for a generation.

To date the time for the generation to start, the prophecy speaks not of Judea or Israel but of Jerusalem. Note the disciples at the very beginning ask Yeshua about the fate of the temple and Jerusalem, and the focus is always on Jerusalem. Therefore it starts from 1967.

This date of 1967 also is known world wide as the beginning of the era of protest and of Generation X. The Western world has defined a generation from born between 1964 and 77 as “X” or a phenomena.

The generation then at the earliest ends in 2007 and at the latest ends in 2017 (unless the very long generation of 57.9 years is used, then the end is 2024).

The previously mentioned 7 'weeks' for the land of Daniel 8 to Messiah, is a generation also, as the 50th year Jubile was designed so each generation would go back to their inheritance. Counting 7 Shmita (or 7th) years from after 1967 ends in 2015 with the 50th year being 2016.