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Times Appointed Part 3

21st September 2023, hej


4) The Jubile projected forward

The Jubile is about return to inherited land as it was given by lot. As the Jewish people rightly observe, they have a problem keeping it, as firstly they are still in dispute about the West Bank, and secondly they have no idea who belongs to which lot (or often even which tribe they belong to).

However, if three points can be said to be a pattern, then projecting the Jubilee years forward from the feast of Nehemiah/Ezra of 431/430BC into modern times does make a pattern.

The year 1777/8 where Britain declares war on France and America begins independence perhaps is not significant to Israel. The next 1819/20 is a few years after the end of Napoleon, but also of no great significance. At this time the land enjoys her 'sabbaths' and there is no movement that Jews should return. The idea of return first occurs in 1839/40 (a seventh year) when the British set up a consulate in Jerusalem.

Things, however, begin happening 1868/9 when in November 1869 the British open the Suez Canal (and move into Egypt). Seven years from this event the writers George Eliot and Benjamin Disraeli popularise the idea of Jews returning. The Suez canal opening of 1868/9 leads 50 years later to Britain's 1917/8 conquest of Israel from Jerusalem to Damascus, which allowed the Balfour declaration of support a return of Jews to take effect. Which in turn lead to the next (3rd) date in the pattern 1966/7 and the Six Day war (where the war was fought to the Suez) which meant Israel had a territory that corresponded (approximately) to that under king David, and which allowed a further return.

Retrospectively, the declaration of independence in 1948 was not as important as the events in 1967. It was not until 1967 that Israel's existence was confirmed. Most nations fight wars of independence and then declare independence. In Israel they declared independence and fought for 19 years afterwards to establish it.

In this pattern projected forward from the feast of Nehemiah/Ezra of 431/430 BC.

  • 1868/9, Disraeli and Britain in the Suez
  • 1917/8, Britain captures Jerusalem/Balfour declaration
  • 1966/7, Israel gains Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria
  • The next 50th year is in 2016.

    Summary of Sabbath years and Jubile

    67 weeks

    70th week (31BC midst of week)

    The next 7 year 'week' ends

    452BC Ezra

    26/26 ministry

    33/34 AD End




    Jubilee based on 32 Artaxerxes being a 7th Sabbath week the next Jubilee is