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Philadelphia or Philanthropy?

27th Jul 2013, hej.

This article was born as it was found that the Greek word from which we have philanthropy, philanthropos, only occurs once in the Bible, with the noun form philanthrōpia occurring only twice. Even more intriguing we found that much is said about 'philadelphia' the Greek word for brotherly love.

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26th Nov 2012, mgh.

Mary, the mother of our Lord is often so vernated, she is not understood as a real person and therefore her influence as a great example is lost. When we are told that Jesus 'grew and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom' (Luke 2:40), we might think of, “the words of king Lemuel, the prophecy that his mother taught him.” (Proverbs 31:1 cp 29:15), and psalm 22, “thou did make me to hope when I was upon my mother's breasts”

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13th Oct 2012, mgh.

This article is written in thanks to Yahweh for help given in modern medicine, and for a measure of healing. The writer, unknown to herself, had heart failure. It seemed like pneumonia, as one of the symptoms is retention of water in the lungs and elsewhere, and then the feet began weeping the fluid through open sores. We trusted and prayed for help. Medical help was given from of all things, results from a test not done correctly. She has been helped much. We thank Yahweh. Also it is soon Thanksgiving in the USA.

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Love beyond betrayal: Psalm 41

8th Aug 2012, rre.

The New Testament advises us that many of the events recorded in the Old Testament teach us great principles that we must heed.

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Why doesn't God hear my Prayer?

10th Dec 2011, hej.

Have you heard people bemoaning that their prayers were not heard? People might argue God cannot exist because of general evil, or specific evils. But sadly it seems that even people who believe in God become bitter and doubt the power of the God of the Bible because their prayers are not answered.

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26th Nov 2011, hej.


A consideration of every prayer in the Bible is sobering. We may see how simple and direct were their prayers, how they addressed God, and we may consider how the prayers of the faithful were answered. These people teach us what we may pray for. ... More

To Seek God's Face

21st Nov 2011, hej.

This article is the first in a series of deeply felt articles about how we might live each day. How pragmatically, in the modern world, do we live a faithful and Godly life? There is not going to be one answer, as every person is an individual. This article is to prompt thinking and soul searching.

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11th Nov 2011, mgh.
The account of the fate of Daniel's three friends and their experience when they were cast into the fiery furnace, presents an example of not only faith but of conviction. ... More

Guide for Family Life

29th May 2011, mgh.

The Bible, in both New and Old Testaments, presents a guide for the creation of harmonious family relationships. The focus of course is the recognition of Yahweh as the Creator and as the only source of salvation.

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Book of Life

30th Apr 2011, mgh.

The following expores why we should desire to seek to be written in the Book of Life written by God.

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