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6th Feb 2010, mgh.

When we read of the power and Majesty of the Lord (Yahweh), we cannot but help feeling how insignificant we must be in his eyes. Many of us feel abject failures and that we may never reach to the height of faith as displayed by such men as David and Daniel. We may feel that there is nothing that we can do to rise above the sin we see in the world around us that would make us worthy in the sight of the Creator. ... More

David and Daniel: beloved of God

27th Nov 2009, mgh.

Exemplar Lives

Much is said about God's love for us. It turns out this may be over estimated. Indeed there is a general love in the provision of salavation, but a specific love is dependent on us! How do we compare to the people that God has said he loves? What can we learn about God's love from exemplar lives? ... More

Water of Life: the Blind man sees

11th Nov 2009, mgh.

The Bible is full of wonderful images of water. The Hebrew word for waters is 'mayim' and for sea is 'yam'. The Hebrew word for sky, or heavens is 'shamayim'. So the heavens are 'that out of the waters'. The Creator is taking people from the sea of nations to form a new heavens. But more than that, the water on earth on a calm day refects the heavens! When we are calm we may reflect the glory of God. This article is about water and clay and the blind seeing. ... More