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We Shall be Like Him

14th Feb 2011, mgh.

This phrase is taken from 1 John 3. It is a promise to the faithful, the 'sons of God', who are those who await the Messiah's return to the earth. ... More

We Like Sheep

27th Jan 2011, weg.


22nd Jan 2011, mgh.

Lifeline for today

13th Nov 2010, mgh.

In an uncertain world, of what may we be certain? We can hold onto the promises of the Old Testament as a sure anchor of the soul. ... More


9th Oct 2010, mgh.


20th Aug 2010, mgh.

The vital difference between a poor nation and prosperous one is the education and applied objective knowledge of all its citizens. A nation who teaches lies will fail, as contradiction beeds confusion and confusion prevents learning. Likewise in the Commowealth of the faithful sons and daughters of Abraham (Eph 2:12) spiritual prosperity can only come with right knowledge of truth. ... More

Prophecy strengthens Faith 2

9th May 2010, mgh.


28th Feb 2010, hej.


26th Feb 2010, mgh.

Prophecy strengthens Faith

12th Feb 2010, mgh.

How can we strengthen our belief and faith in the Bible? Many people question the authenticity of the Bible and the existence of the Creator, but is there a way to banish doubts? ... More