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10th March 2010, hej


4) Conclusion

Every symbol/analogy is specific and is determined from the context as to whether it is literal or a a symbolic analogy. The analogies are meant to make the picture of events clearer to ordinary people. There are no 'hidden' symbols or mystery. One may need great worldly intelligence to obfuscate and confuse, but those who approach prophecy with the simplicity of comprehension of the richness of imagery in ordinary English will understand it. Unfortunately for our ready understanding of the analogies we do not live so close to the natural world, but the bible was written for all people ancient and modern. It was not until the last 100 years that people were no longer for example reliant on sun and moon light. It was only recently people were no reliant on stars for navigation. Once the natural world was so much part of life that its experience came readily as analogy and imagery in language and culture. Once we understand the analogy of the natural and political world, we understand the analogy/ imagery/ pictures of the Bible prophets.


The last supper: number 13

There is one myth that has no foundation: it is a total myth that having 13 at the last supper was unlucky. Also the term 'last supper' does not occur at all in any reputable translation of the Bible. It was not the last time Jesus will keep that supper.