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Powers of heaven shall be shaken, Luke 21: 24-31

12th Mar 2011, mgh.

In the past six months we have witnessed amazing events on this earth in very rapid succession. The northern hemisphere faced severe snow storms and extremely cold temperatures, there were floods and landslides in Brazil, extensive flooding followed by cyclones and bushfires in Australia, and two devastating earthquakes in New Zealand. ... More

The year 2016 & time of the End

8th Aug 2010, hej.

In the past, with great fervour, people have set dates for the Millenium, but they have passed. Does this mean that all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation? We can know this is not true as, for sure, the only thing certian is change. We pray 'thy kingdom come' and for our Lord's return. We think we are in the last days and the return is near. But how near is near? ... More

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