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The Holy Land to Israel: 1922 to 1967

12th Jun 2012, hej.

The following combines the work of an expert in the international law in relationship to Israel's establishment with a curiosity of Daniel's prophecy.

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First Written Tablet: 5th Command

20th Nov 2011, gah.

First Tablet: 5th Commandment

There is much talk of 'tablets' in the news. Chief Rabbi Sacks shows how the language of the Bible had been hi-jacked by the selfish consumer culture. Once a tablet meant one of the two pieces of stone on which the 10 commandments were written. Sacks said “Therefore the answer to the consumer society is the world of faith, which the Jews call the world of Shabbat, where you can't shop and.. you spend your time with things that matter, with family.”

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The Patented Perfumes

11th Apr 2011, hej.

Our Mighty God who loves the scent of obedience, and the taste of a beautiful memory. Consider the Holy One of Isarel who smells a sweet savour. ... More

Law of Moses

21st Oct 2009, gah.

The Law, Hygiene: Swine Flu

2nd May 2009, hej.

The Swine Flu outbreak reveals some issues that are worthy for a society to ponder. The events illustrate just how advanced the law of Moses was and also how it could prevent needless death- even today! ... More

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