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The apostle John: and his letters in an era of literature

16th Oct 2010, hej.

Do we know the apostle John? It is hard to understand someone's letter if we don't know the person who sent it. This man, as no other, was closest mentally to our Lord, 'the disciple Jesus loved'. We have the 3 gospels, the 2 or 3 witnesses required by the Law (Matthew, Mark and Luke), and then we have an extra one, a remarkable gospel, the record of John. Only in John's gospel can we see deep into the thinking and mind of Christ. And John's letters re-affirm Christ's words. ... More


15th Aug 2009, hej.

There are many misconceptions of what Anti-Christ means due to mis-information, and sensationalism. It is not hard to confirm what the Bible actually says. ... More

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