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He that calls for the waters of the sea

31st Jan 2016, hej.

It has been in my heart to write about an observation regarding the movement in the heavens : weather, climate, sun and universe. It concerns me that people do not give the God of the Bible the glory for His gift of life, moment to moment, and the giving of rain and sun.

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The Making of the World

28th Feb 2013, hej.

For a while now I have been dissatisfied with explanations to rebut Evolution. Over a year ago I was asked by someone to think upon how I would answer in favour of the Bible account of creation. ... More

Comparison of “in the beginning” and the “a new heaven and a new earth”

8th Dec 2012, gah.

Three times in the Bible we are introduced to the creation of the heavens and earth. The first instance is in Genesis, the second is by the prophet Isaiah and the third is in Revelation. ... More

Planets: Venus, a Wandering Star

27th Apr 2012, hej.

Recent findings suggest once again that science reveals how much is not known. Venus was found to have a longer day than was measured by the Magellan in the early 1990's: a noticeably and significantly longer day. The motion in the universe might be more quixotic than many had thought.

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Beauty in Creation

9th Oct 2011, hej.

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Behemoth, Leviathan, Dinosaurs & Creation

5th Jan 2011, hej.

There is much evidence that great animals existed in the past, much larger than the largest found today. There is also some evidence of extinction, even in recorded history. Some ask 'were all animals that have ever lived on this earth all part of this creation?' This is a short consideration of what the Bible says.

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Doing things in Space

6th Jun 2009, hej.

The Hubble Telescope (when working) sends back beautiful optical, ultraviolet and near-infrared pictures, but what else does it do? Is it, perhaps the most expensive digital camera made by mankind? ... More

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