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Fallen legacy of Benjamin Franklin

19th May 2016, hej.

On Sunday May 16, 2016 a gust of wind changed Boston's “Freedom trail” and knocked over the statue of Benjamin Franklin. It has great significance, and likely is no accident or freak chance.

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The Age of the Earth: A point to Eternity

18th Apr 2016, hej.

We were discussing the age of the earth, for there is debate on this matter, when it was pointed out that our great Creator's habitation is the universe, and he has always existed.

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He that calls for the waters of the sea

31st Jan 2016, hej.

It has been in my heart to write about an observation regarding the movement in the heavens : weather, climate, sun and universe. It concerns me that people do not give the God of the Bible the glory for His gift of life, moment to moment, and the giving of rain and sun.

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