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Gift of the Majesty of the Glory of the Kingdom

15th Nov 2018, hej.

It was the team matriarch's 75th Birthday and I thought what can I give? What would be the Greatest Gift to someone we love?

... More


23rd Jan 2011, mgh.

The Redeemer in the book of Ruth

24th May 2009, seh,mjh.

The Bible, as no other book, is layered in rich detail, with every page speaking of salvation. Real events of the life of Ruth recorded in the Bible, remarkably, show the pattern of redemption. ... More

Why we have a rainbow: its origin & meaning

5th Jan 2009, hej.

If we think of the science we may miss the meaning ... More

The Promises

22nd Apr 2008, mgh.

Great promises have been recorded in the Bible as having been made to individuals. Knowing these is the key to understanding the whole Bible. ... More

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