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News Watch May 2023

31st May 2023, hej


The news does not explain prophecy, but it may point to winds that are the spirit of the age, that lead to the expected fulfilment.

May 31

Israel Is on a Mission to Supersize Its West Bank Settlements

the bigger picture of settler power reestablishing itself with unprecedented muscle in this Israel?s government. First, it was revealed last week that Bezalel Smotrich the far-right Finance Minister, who is also de-facto Minister of Settlements requested government ministries to prepare plans and budgets to double the number of settlers living in the West Bank. This would mean seeing their numbers soar from half a million to one million people. Then it was reported that a Palestinian community of approximately 200 residents from the hamlet of Ein Samia, located east of Ramallah, fled the land they?d been living on for some 40 years, driven out by (ALLEDGED) persistent and devastating violence from settlers.On Monday came the news that Israel?s government is now officially permitting its citizens to establish a permanent presence in the Homesh outpost in the northern West Bank, breaking past commitments to the U.S. not to do so.

HISTORIC: Largest-Ever Delegation of UK House of Lords Members Visits Israel

"From health and technology to agriculture and cybersecurity, there are many ways Israel and the UK can work together," a visiting Lord said. Members of the House of Lords land in the Holy Land to strengthen bilateral ties between London and Jerusalem. This visit is particularly significant as the delegation is the largest group from the UK House of Lords to visit the Jewish state.

A 'gender-sensitive' Hebrew Bible translation hit digital shelves. Not everyone is happy

Pride is a great sin - and leads to all other sins, it also leads to absurdity.

May 28

White House Caves to Anti-Israel Pressure on Antisemitism Rollout

The Biden administration in its long-awaited report on combating Jew hatred is making a concession to anti-Israel activists by embracing a watered-down definition of antisemitism that says it's OK to hold the Jewish state to higher standards than other countries.

May 24

Are we witnessing the end of the Palestinian Authority?

For the conditions to be as expected in Ezekiel 38, where Jews live on the Mountains of Israel in security the PA has to fail, and none replace them.

Some think this is so unlikly that this passage must be fulfilled after Messiah's comming

May 23

Jerusalem planners give initial approval to Jewish enclave in Palestinian Abu Dis

Jerusalem committee gives first okay for proposal, advanced by the city together with right-wing groups, to build 400 new homes for Jewish residents in Palestinian town

We expect that the controversy of Zion will bring all nations to battle - at Armageddon a place with a Hebrew name

Send for Agent BoJo! Boris Johnson dispatched to Texas to shore up Republican support for Ukraine

Former UK prime minister takes his message to US heartlands, as skepticism simmers in run-up to 2024 election.

The war against Russia, will end as written - as every other recent war against Russia has. The end is already evident.

The Ukraine Refugee Question

Ukraine's neighbors push for Zelensky to pursue peace as millions of displaced people flow into Europe.

May 22

Ben-Gvir visits Temple Mount: 'We are the masters of Jerusalem'

Ben-Gvir has been active since his youth in favor of Jewish pilgrimages to the Temple Mount, and since taking office has already caused significant improvements, removing hundreds of harassers and strengthening Israel’s rule on the Temple Mount.”

On Thursday, Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount raised the Israeli flag while singing the national anthem “Hatikva,” as over a thousand Jews visited the complex to mark Jerusalem Day. Despite the holiday officially being on Friday, most of the festivities were moved to Thursday to avoid a desecration of Shabbat.

Israel is more seeking their hope and more seeking to keep the Laws of God than in 1967.

Smotrich to gov?t ministries: Prepare to double number of Jews in Judea and Samaria

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich has begun intensive talks with various government ministries with the aim of doubling the number Jews in Judea and Samaria, Haaretz reported Sunday.

May 21

Netanyahu holds this week’s cabinet meeting in Jerusalem’s Old City

In contrast to what Abu Mazen [aka Abbas] said several days ago, we were here thousands of years ago and will still be here thousands of years from now.”

The deep ties between the Jewish People and Jerusalem is one that has no parallel among the nations. Jerusalem was our capital around 1,100 years before London became the capital of England, approximately 1,800 years before Paris became the capital of France and around 2,800 years before Washington, D.C. became the capital of the U.S. For over 100 generations, Jews expressed their special yearning for Jerusalem in prayers that are repeated three times a day and under the wedding canopy.

Fifty-six years ago, in the Six-Day War, we unified Jerusalem. But I must say that the fight for its unity has not ended. Time and again, my friends and I have been forced to repel international pressure on the part of those who would divide Jerusalem again, and by prime ministers of Israel who were prepared to give in to those pressures and were even prepared to concede the Jewish People’s holiest places.

Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain. (Daniel 11:39)

May 19

The Club Of Rome: How Climate Hysteria Is Being Used To Create Global Governance

They rightly show how from 1970- aka known as the world after 1967 the last generation – had the underpinning of their monetary structures removed, awaiting the destruction of the last day.

May 14

Egypt rejects US requests block russian military flights

Washington is trying to pressure Egypt into closing its airspace for all Russian military flights, but the regional US ally isn't having it, which also awkwardly comes following a recent Pentagon leak showing Cairo planned to supply Moscow with rockets. ..Since 1978, the United States has provided Egypt with over $50 billion in military and $30 billion in economic assistance.

But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps. (Dan 11:43)

Since 1978 US has been acting as King of the South, BUT the king of the North shall have power over Egypt- so we see that the King of the North is Russia.

May 8

The United States Gets A Major Black Eye in the Middle East Courtesy of the Arab League

Why did Russia intervene to save Syria? It appears that Putin and his team finally realized, in the wake of the Western-backed coup in Ukraine in February 2014 and the subsequent Ukrainian attack on the Russian speaking population in the Donbass , that the imperial ambitions of the United States and its European allies were unquenchable and had to be defeated. Coming to the aid of the Syrian Government in its battles against Western-backed Islamic extremists marked a critical counterattack on Western ambitions….

one more substantive and symbolic victory for Russia

The king of the south has struggled to remove The king of the North from the Middle East, since they gained power in WW1. At this point all efforts have been “hooks” to bring Russia down – in the actions in Syria – to the border of Isarel – with tanks and ships.

May 5

Israel, Cyprus and Greece's alliance is important against Iran – editorial

Israel, Greece and Cyprus have become key strategic partners in recent years, cooperating closely on such areas as trade, energy, and defense and security. This new partnership is also part of a broader series of relationships in which Greece and Cyprus work with members of NATO and also with other countries such as Egypt, the UAE and India – which are close partners of Israel, as well.

The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Grecians, that ye might remove them far from their border. (Joel 3:6)

May 4,2022

An interesting article from last year

The lead role of the Arabs (Sheba and Dedan) in the post war world order.

May 1

The Jewish wars

Why the protest movement is led by secular Jews and is supported by many in the international community who oppose Israel's national identity as a Jewish state.