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News Watch June 2023

4th July 2023, hej


Many events are occurring that point to the times of distress our Lord spoke of as a sign of his coming.

June 29

Why did Vladimir Putin call Middle East leaders after Wagner revolt? - analysis

Calls with Middle Eastern heads of state represent how Vladimir Putin continues to view the Middle East as a key player in Russia's policy goals.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin spoke with the President of Iran and the President of the UAE in the wake of the Wagner rebellion last weekend.

Both Iran and UAE are mentioned in Ezekiel 38

June 28

Baseball-Sized Hail Smashing Into Panels At 150 MPH Destroys Scottsbluff Solar Farm

Wyoming has only one commercial-scale solar farm, but a second project is under construction south of Cheyenne.

On June 9 it was reported…

"It's Really Unprecedented": Solar Power Generation Cut In Half Due To Canada Smoke.

sent solar power generation in parts of the eastern US plummeting by more than 50% as wildfires rage in Canada... Bloomberg reports that electricity generated by solar across the territory serviced by PJM Interconnection LLC, which spans Illinois to North Carolina, was down about 25% from the previous week.

June 26

US 'deeply troubled' by Israel's decision to move forward with 5,700 West Bank settler homes

27% of the homes detailed, totaling 1,563 units, are slated for the Eli settlement, including plans to legalize three outposts as new neighborhoods.

June 25

Biden’s latest Iran Deal Is desperate, dangerous and purely political

The Biden Administration is pursuing some sort of “understanding” with the Ayatollahs to get us to the brink of a nuclear breakout.

Senator Ted Cruz: 'Joe Biden is pathologically obsessed with undermining Israel'

The Republican Senator criticized the Biden Admin's decision to stop funding and participating in research in Judea and Samaria.

WATCH: Biden dealt a ‘devastating blow’ from newly released documents

Free Beacon investigative reporter Andrew Kerr details forensic evidence tying Hunter Biden’s location to President Biden’s Delaware home when he allegedly threatened a Chinese businessman.

June 23

Modi & Biden's Unprecedented Defense & Technology Deals Intended To Lure India From Russia.

We expect this to be successful as India is a place of the Merchants of Tarshish.

June 22

‘Crazy numbers’ – record amount of housing approvals for Judea and Samaria

The 13,000 units ratified by the Supreme Housing Council break the previous record set during the Trump administration.

By Batya Jerenberg World Israel News

The slow wheels of Israeli bureaucracy have turned faster than they ever have before in one area at least since the inauguration of the country’s first fully right-wing government – housing approvals for Judea and Samaria.

Some 13,000 units were approved by the Supreme Planning Council in the last six months, breaking the previous annual record of 10,223 set in the previous Netanyahu administration during the last year in office of then-president Donald Trump.

June 20

UN blasts Israeli expansion of ‘illegal settlements,’ US ‘deeply troubled’

The United Nations released a blistering statement on Monday accusing Israel of violating international law after the Israeli government announced changes that may ease construction and expansion of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was “deeply troubled” by news that Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich had been granted the authority to approve building in Judea and Samaria.

The lawmaker announced that plans for the construction of 4,000 new homes in the area would be presented to a committee for approval next week.

June 18

Biden admin. won't acknowledge Iran deal explicitly to skirt Congress - analysis

The Biden administration won’t say “Iran Deal,” apparently because they fear Congress. They’re negotiating “the deal that must not be named.”

NO MORE RED TAPE? Israel passes law to easily approve thousands of building permits in Judea and Samaria.

The government passed a controversial resolution Sunday giving planning approval for construction in Judea and Samaria to Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich, bypassing much of the red tape in the approval process.

Israel to Expedite Major West Bank Settlement Expansion Next Week, Defying Commitments to U.S.

The decision by the Netanyahu-led government comes as Barbara Leaf, the top ranking American diplomat for the Middle East, is set to visit the region. Earlier this year, Israel issued a commitment to the Biden administration, promising not to expand West Bank settlements for four months. The decision would change a system that has been in effect for the last 27 years.

In a related development..The Supreme Planning Council has announced that it plans to move ahead to obtain approval for 4,560 new housing units in West Bank settlements. Hundreds of the units are slated for Neveh Tzuf and Eli and hundreds of others for Givat Ze’ev and Betar Ilit. In addition, approval is being sought for 340 housing units in Ma’aleh Adumim; 381 in Revava; 343 in Elkana; 287 in Adora; and 196 in Telem.

June 17

Russia to open consular section offices in Jerusalem -statement

The Russian embassy in Israel said in a statement that a deal over a West Jerusalem land plot, which Russia purchased in 1885, was signed with the municipality on May 18, following a years-long process. As part of the agreement, the property will be used to construct buildings to be used by the consular section of the embassy, the statement said.

Also Russia to open new Israel embassy branch in Jerusalem

a residence for Russian diplomats and a conference hall.

June 15

Explainer | What would China do to solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how do its ties with the two sides compare?

June 13

Israel to Build Thousands of Homes in Judea and Samaria

Israel notifies U.S. of plan to greenlight thousands of new homes in Judea and Samaria.

In a bid to prevent embarrassing the White House, American and Israeli officials confirmed that the Israeli government had informed their counterparts in Washington.

June 11

‘We’re Not the Belgians in Congo – This is Our Country,’ Netanyahu Tells Foreign Media

Israeli prime minister slams claim settlements contravene international law. ‘There’s never been an international decision that says Jews cannot live in Judea – that’s where we come from.’

It’s part of our ancestral homeland, we’ve only been attached to it for three thousand years. King David established our capital here in Jerusalem only three thousand years ago.

When Napoleon Bonaparte reached Ramla which is 25 miles from Jerusalem he made a “Proclamation to the Jews”.

Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer Israel from the “Butcher”, Ahmet Jazzar Pasha. In April 16, 1799 Napoleon defeated the Butcher’s cavalry and his Ottoman allies at the Battle of Tabor Mountain. When he reached Ramla which is 25 miles from Jerusalem he made a “Proclamation to the Jews”. “General Headquarters Jerusalem 20 April 1799. Bonaparte, Commander in Chief of the Armies of the French Republic in Africa and Asia, to the rightful heirs of Palestine-the unique nation of Jews who have been deprived of the land of your fathers by thousands of years of lust for conquest and tyranny. Arise then with gladness, ye exiled, and take unto yourselves Israel’s patrimony. The young army has made Jerusalem my headquarters and will within a few days transfer to Damascus so you can remain there [in Jerusalem] as ruler.

Unfortunately, Napoleon lost the battle of Acre to the Butcher who was aided by two British Navy ships under Sir Sidney Smith a maverick English commodore. On May 21, 1799 Napoleon retreated towards Egypt. Despite his defeat, Napoleon made Palestine a focus of the world and increased Jewish immigration. His statements about the Jews and Palestine have been emblazoned for eternity.

June 9

Israeli cabinet likely to approve Iran strike should Netanyahu pursue it – report

June 8

Sunak and Biden agree 'Atlantic Declaration' to boost economic security

June 2

"'Pride' is Nothing to Celebrate

The sin of Sodom was pride. Pride cannot allow humility of service of God.

June 1

‘New Opportunities’: Israel Discovers Yet Another Natural Gas Field

Israel-India ties & why Adani’s purchase of Haifa Port is Jerusalem’s message to America

Change of government in Israel didn’t stop Gautam Adani’s $1.2 billion privatisation deal. Israel’s outgoing ministers approved the purchase six months after the Adani Group won the tender by a wide margin. Is this a proof that the India-Israel relationship is getting stronger & goes beyond left-right political dynamic. Oshrit Birvadker, leading analyst of India’s foreign policy in Israel says the tightening of relations with India & the expansion of the foothold of Indian companies in strategic infrastructure in Israel may be Israel’s answer to American pressures.