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News Watch July 2023

3rd August 2023, hej


Many events are occurring that point to the times of distress our Lord spoke of as a sign of his coming.

31 July

Saudi Arabia's 'Bone Saw' Prince To Host Ukraine Peace Summit

Saudi Arabia is now deigning to play peace-maker in Ukraine, having issued an invitation to several developing nations in order to woo them into Kiev and the West's corner on the conflict. This has included an invite for China, India, Brazil and South Africa to come to Jeddah in early August.

The growth in stature of the Saudi's foreshadows the fulfilment of Ezekiel 38. The rise of Arabs as a power in the modern world parallels that of Israel.

Rishi Sunak announces hundreds of new North Sea oil and gas licences in Scotland

The Prime Minister says his plan to ensure Britain's energy independence will support up to 50,000 jobs.

Britain in the last days

30 July

Netanyahu announces $27B railway plan that will ‘link Israel to Saudi Arabia’

28 July

Fulfilling biblical prophecy, fox spotted on Temple Mount

Social media users noted that the fox’s presence at the holy site during the night of Tisha B’Av – the traditional Jewish fast day memorializing the destruction of King Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple – fulfilled the prophecy given by Uriah in the Book of Micah (3:12): “Therefore, for your sake Zion shall be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become rubble, and the Temple Mount as the high places of a forest (where foxes are found).”

Longtime Democrat Dov Hikind joins Republican Party

Former New York State Assemblyman switches affiliations, says Democratic Party has turned its back on Jews and Israel.

Israel is the sign in heaven

Saudi Arabia will allow Israeli officials to enter kingdom for first time

18 July

Video of Jews performing Priestly Blessing on Temple Mount sparks Palestinian outrage

While Jewish prayer has been conducted quietly on the Temple Mount since 2019, the video showed relatively public prayer.

White House: Biden expressed concern to Netanyahu about continued settlement growth

White House issues statement on conversation between Biden and Netanyahu, says the President stressed the need for consensus on judicial reform.

Report: Netanyahu pledges to freeze construction til end of 2023M

THE BEST OF FRENEMIES: Saudi Crown Prince Clashes With U.A.E. President

The Saudi leader has pulled away from his former mentor as they compete to dominate the Gulf, where U.S. power has waned

17 July

In long-awaited phone call, Biden invites Netanyahu to meet –but not at White House

Israel’s former ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren told World Israel News that the gesture did not constitute a formal state invitation to the White House, and instead the meeting would probably take place on the sidelines of the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in September.

The likely scenario is that it will happen in the quarters of the UN,” Oren said. “Now Bibi can say he was invited,” Oren said, using the prime minister’s nickname, “and Biden can say he didn’t invite him.” According to Oren, Biden’s decision to snub Netanyahu is likely a concession to the progressive arm of his party.

Smotrich to INN: A lot of tensions with US are due to my policies

Finance Minister says Israel must pursue its security and national interests in Judea and Samaria despite American criticism.

Where are the 20 and 30-year olds? Where is the generation of American Jewry that is expected to be leaders? Where’s their vision for the future? Their ideology?

The last Generation was called X.. after that.. they asked why.

7 Sets of Twins Born in 24 Hours at One Israeli Hospitalbetween July 12 and 13

16 July

Russia, Iran coordinating to expel US troops from Syria: Report

The US army has been reinforcing its occupation in Syria over the past few months

Netanyahu leaves hospital following dehydration; doctors implant heart monitor

After all-night hospitalization, Sheba Medical Center says premier’s heart is ‘completely normal’ and that doctors used a subcutaneous Holter monitor ‘as is customary’

14 July

John Kerry defends secret meetings with Iran during Trump administration, against US policy

Iran is Persia and significant in prophecy of the end of the Empires of Man. Persia suceeded Babylon.

13 July

Russia To Overtake Saudi Arabia As The Largest OPEC+ Oil Producer

The power of the king of the North and the power of the King of the South is oil… There is no evidence that there is less need for it- plastics of electronics require it.

12 July

The War In Ukraine Shifts Decisively In Russia’s Favor

Volodomyr Zelensky got the bad news in Vilnius — notwithstanding lip service from some of the NATO members — the United States and Germany are refusing to let Ukraine join the club out of fear of broadening the war with Russia. Make no mistake — NATO is at war with Russia, but the West is cognizant of its military weakness and is not willing as an organization to risk taking steps that would provoke direct fighting between Russian and NATO forces. It launched its own counter offensive and is enjoying success in pushing Ukrainian forces back:

Zelensky Has to Tell Joe Biden to Follow Him After Taking Group Photo at NATO Summit

11 July

WATCH: King Charles urges confused US president to keep moving

In a second video, when greeted at Windsor Castle on Monday, the octegenarian president appears to lean on the British monarch for physical support.

We see the rise of the leadership of the UK as the 'Old lion' when the 'young lions' leadership is no longer so young and strong.

Israeli professor who claims to have given evidence to the FBI about Biden family corruption is charged by DOJ with arms trafficking and Iran sanctions violations - as he remains on the run

Charges against Gal Luft, an Israeli-US citizen, were unsealed on Monday: he faces eight counts of working illegally for China and selling Iranian oil. Luft, 57, was arrested on February 17 in Cyprus but released on bail and has fled: he remains on the loose. Luft claimed the criminal case is meant to stop him from testifying the Bidens received payments from people connected to Chinese military intelligence

Archaeologist Uses Clues from Bible to Discover Famous City Destroyed by Fire from Heaven

We are truly in the last days! We find Sodom, without looking to far.

9 July

Giant Dust Cloud In South US; Another Round Of Canadian Wildfire Smoke In Northeast

Indian Tribe Demands America-Hating Ice Cream Commies Ben & Jerry's Return 'Stolen' Land HQ Built On

Unilever stock has lost around $2 billion in market capitalization amid calls to boycott the company.

Ben & Jerry's not long ago made a big song and dance about not selling their product in Judea and Samaria any more.

6 July

UK Takes a Stand against Antisemitism, Bans Public Bodies from Anti-Israel Boycotts

New Month, Another Movement: Corporate Media Refocuses Energy On Climate Doom

corporate media has moved on from everything about rainbows and refocused its energy on climate doom.

4 July

Large-scale Israeli army raid kills eight in West Bank

Israel has launched a major military operation with armoured vehicles and drones in Jenin, with eight Palestinians dead.

2 July

Ramat Arbel, near the Sea of Galilee, will be built on the same spot as a Second Temple-era town.

The government approved the establishment of a new settlement in the Lower Galilee in its weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu noted at the meeting that the nascent village of Ramat Arbel is located where a settlement existed in the era of the Second Temple. He called the decision “a holiday for the State of Israel and the pioneer families; it’s very important news for the Jewish settlement [movement].”

The village will be located several kilometers northwest of Tiberias near the Sea of Galilee. For the last year, a handful of young families has been living in temporary housing on the site, which was designated as an “illegal outpost” and partially destroyed last December by Israeli forces.

Ramat Arbel had originally been approved for construction in a 2002 government decision.

In a visit last week to the site, Minister of the Negev and Galilee and National Resilience Yitzhak Wasserlauf thanked the families for their “self-sacrifice for a full year, remaining there 24/7 and not giving up or giving in.”

Standing in front of a hand-painted “Welcome” sign, he added, “We are saying the Land of Israel is ours, we came to settle it, we came to make the wasteland bloom, and with this government decision, this will be the first step towards the establishment of dozens more settlements in the Negev and the Galilee.”

More than 1300 arrests as France riots in wake of police killing

Wild images continue to emerge from France as the country erupts over the police killing of a 17-year-old of Algerian origin.

Milley Admits Counteroffensive Slower Than Predicted, As Top Ukraine General Blames Lack Of F-16s

The Myth Of The Ukrainian Stalemate

Many leaders in the West now are pushing the propaganda theme of an inevitable stalemate in the Ukraine war. In other words, Ukraine will fight Russia to a stand still. Peruse these recent headlines:

America Must Plan for a Stalemate in Ukraine (New York Magazine)

Ukraine trying to end battlefield stalemate in what may be … (AP News)

Opinion | Ukraine must seize opportunity from Wagner … (The Washington Post)

Truce or a bloody stalemate? It all rides on Ukraine’s spring … (The Guardian)

A stalemate means that each side — i.e., Ukraine and Russia — are equally matched and enjoy no tactical or strategic advantage over the other. That is simply not the case with the “Special Military Operation” underway. Remember how Russia was running out of missiles? Western think tanks and pundits have been repeating that mantra since April of 2022. But the worm is turning:

According to a recent CSIS (Center for Strategic and International Studies) article, Russia’s relentless campaign of strikes in 2023 has made one thing abundantly clear — the notion that Russia would eventually exhaust its missile supply is unrealistic. Despite facing sanctions and export controls, it is highly probable that Russia will continue to manufacture or acquire the necessary long-range strike capabilities to inflict significant damage on Ukraine

For more of Russia's role

1 July

Arkansas legislature names ‘Judea and Samaria’ as ‘Israel’s biblical heartland’ in resolution

How Long Will Canada Burn?

Large swaths of America are once again engulfed in a toxic haze that’s drifted down from Canada, which is experiencing its worst fire season on record. Our northern neighbor has burned through a record-breaking 8.2 million hectares so far this year, sending smoke plumes as far as Europe. And, despite the best efforts of hundreds of firefighting personnel who have come from all over the world to pitch in, the fires don’t look like they will be winding down anytime soon. The problem is, Canada is not trying to put out just one fire. Right now, a map from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre shows a country spotted red with blazes, like it’s come down with a nasty case of chicken pox. Remarkably, these fires aren’t clustered in a single region: Their spread is the northern equivalent of New York and California burning at the same time, with additional fires stretched in between. According to the CIFFC, more than 509 fires are active in Canada, 253 of which are classified as “out of control.”

Our own way comes upon us. Canada's way is to deny God's power and become wild, and in so doing is given over to the folishness of not managing its forests. Canada's way does not please the God of the Bible.